Stan Romanek

Stan Romanek

“The Stan Romanek case is possibly the most scientifically documented human extraterrestrial encounters case in the world!” – according to Stan’s website.Unlike most “experiencers” Stan claims to recieve “messages” from the ETs… Stan’s book is even titled “messages” and claims to be a catalogue of direct evidence of communication with extraterrestrials.


I first met Stan Romanek on May 9th, 2009 in downtown Denver at the Colorado UFO Briefing, where I also met Jeff Peckman, Rick Nelson, and “UFO NUT” Chuck Zukowski. I was initially skeptical of Stan’s claims, but I was very intrigued by his math equations… (being a physicist) as well as his claims about alien implants. Stan was evasive when I tried asking him detailed questions about the math equations and the status of scientific testing of his physical evidence such as the burns on his lawn, the alleged alien implant, the scars on his legs, and the miraculous healed knee. Stan referred me to his book which I briefly browsed through to find the page with the equations on it, trying to work out the functional forms and compare them with something familiar. Nothing… I closed the book and set it down not having a strong enough interest (or the money) to buy it. I hung around the conference until it ended and tried to meet as many interesting people as I could.

Rick Nelson was a really nice guy, he runs, I told him all about my AlienScientist project and using science to investigate UFOs, Aliens, and the paranormal. He was very open and willingly provided his contact information. Jeff Peckman and Chuck Zukowski were also really nice guys, Peckman was doing some politcal campaigning to draw awareness to the UFO Disclosure Movement in Denver which was really cool. Chuck Zukowski got interested in the UFO phenomena after investigating some cattle mutilations that just blew his mind, laser sharp surgical mutilations that appeared like an alien science autospy (very interesting). I am still friends with all 3 of them to this day, and I hope they will not be mad at me for telling the truth about my experiences and subsequent investigations into Stan…

After the conference I began doing some digging into Stan’s Mystery Equations, determined to solve the mystery… (It took me a few months, but I did eventually solve it! See Below)

Anyways, A week or so after the conference I arranged a meeting with Rick Nelson and drove down with my roommates Garret and Rob to meet with him at a diner a few miles north of Denver (we were coming from Fort Collins). We sat and talked for about 5 or 6 hours, and during the course of that conversation he revealed to us that Stan Romanek occassionally has pre-communicated contact with these ETs… So I told him to contact me the next time that happened, so I could secretly film the encounter, and hopefully get some really good footage and proof on film. Rick agreed to the idea and a few weeks later I got a call.

My Roommate Rob and I drove down to Colorado Springs one night to a gated community in a valley between two tall hills, it appeared there was some type of paranormal party going on there. I saw Chuck Zukowski’s vehicle there with his “UFO NUT” license plate in a row with about 8 or so other vehicles. Stan Romanek was there also, and would be sleeping in an upstairs room where he would allegedly be “taken” from by the ETs later that night… I did not see Stan at all that night, nor was my presence and mission revealed to him (to preserve the element of surprise).

We brought along some cameras, a green military grade laser pointer, and a 2nd Generation Night Vision Scope, and hiked up to the hillside and camped out there all night with a nice overlook of all the houses in the small community.

There were apparently a few people at the party doing flash photography around the house, and we kept seeing the flashes of their cameras. But that’s about all we saw… no UFO’s, no aliens, no floating orbs like the ones in his videos he showed during his presentation, no signs of an extraterrestrial presence whatsoever. (however this doesn’t mean there wasn’t one there…) But I did find it very strange that these aliens would only let Stan take pictures of them and not us…

The whole thing didn’t make sense… Stan claims that he set up video cameras around his house to capture evidence of these alien contact events, and managed to film an alien looking into the window of his house… Yet when I tried to do the same exact thing, nothing happened…

I thanked Rick for allowing me that opportunity to try and film Romanek’s encounters, disappointed that I didn’t see any of the things Romanek claimed to be seeing and documenting regularly…

Of course, this experience alone does not PROVE that Stan Romanek didn’t really get abducted that night, (maybe the ETs were aware of our presence and took him invisibly, or decided not to take him at all). This story (One I have hesitated sharing until now) does nothing to disprove ANY of Stan Romanek’s claims. It is only meant to give some background into why I initially began to seriously doubt Stan Romanek’s stories and claims of ET contact and other “experiencer” phenomena.


Denver Alien Video

I will say a few things about other cases of experiencer phenomena that I have studied, such as the work of Budd Hopkins (who I met in WaterTown, MA at the MASS UFO SHOW in Oct 2008), and John E. Mack and how they relate to the Stan Romanek case…

Most of these cases seem to suggest alien abduction of human subjects for the purpose of scientific or psychological study, and suggest a form of hypnotic regression which makes the subject forget the experiences. Cases where messages are deliberately communicated to subjects do occur, and are commonly described as illuminating or enlightening (such as the ETs showing people what is wrong with the world)

The Stan Romanek case is unique in that very specific technologies were apparently communicated to Stan in the language of mathematics (something he has no technical training in). Nowhere have I seen evidence of ETs deliberate sharing technology with humans (nor do I think it would be logical for them to do so)

For this reason, and the fact that Stan called them “Mystery Equations” (thereby presenting myself, a physicist, with the challenge of solving an equation…A challenge no real problem solver like myself could possibly resist…), I decided to make these equations the focus of my investigation…

The Scientific Approach

Stan’s only physical evidence is his broken knee which was healed during an abduction surgery where only 5 holes appeared as scars on the skin, and a patch of burndt and radiation exposed lawn outside his house. (aside from the ‘Denver Alien’ pictures and video which looks fake and means very little in the age of digital CGI)
The marks on Stan’s body are seemingly characteristic of other UFO abduction cases… (or non-invasive surgery) This could however just be further evidence of copycat behavior which I will point out in much of Stan’s other documentation and evidence.
The only scientific hypothesis I have for them is that alien bio-surgical technology may use nano-self assembly robots which can be injected through a tiny hole in the skin and form complex machines underneath the skin with which to perform the delicate surgery.
An x-ray shows the presence of an implant in Romanek’s leg, which he says appeared after an alien abduction. When ABC News asked for an independent medical assessment of the implant, Romanek said it suddenly disappeared. – “Man Claims Aliens Send Him Messages” ABC News Aug 18, 2009

The Stan Romanek Mystery Equations

Here is a link to Stan Romanek’s Website where he has his equations and testimony about them posted.

A capital “H” usually indicated a Hamiltonian. In quantum mechanics, the Hamiltonian “H” is the operator corresponding to the total energy of the system. It is of fundamental importance in most formulations of quantum theory because of its close relation to the time-evolution of a system.
A carat “^” usually indicates a unit vector, which is a vector with magnitude “1” primarily used to designate a direction. Stan’s equation appears to be written backwards (attributed to his dislexia).
The long “S” or “f” can either denote an integral sum operation, or a frequency. However, an integral sum requires a context to perform integration over…
“O” is the symbol Omega which is used for a number of different things in physics, but most likely denotes The solid angle or the rate of precession in a gyroscope.
The inverted (upside down) “?” is a Delta Operator used to denote a vector differential or “gradient” operation.
“?” Lambda is most often used to denote wavelength, but in the context used in these equations it is more likely a Lagrange Multiplier

–From the Stan Romanek Website–

September 28, 2006 Stan and Lisa had friends over to spend the night. In the early hours of the
morning, Lisa awoke only to realize that Stan was drawing yet another equation. She immediately
woke up their friend Don and they both witnessed Stan draw this equation. While completely
asleep Stan was talking to an unseen presence in total darkness as he drew this equation.

This equation appears to have been taken directly from Hal Puthoff’s Paper on a Polarizable Vacuum Approach to General Relativity (Check Equation 34)
You can also find the same equation in Hal’s 2001 paper (Equation 35 in this paper)
Seeing as Hal Puthoff published this paper in 2001 and Stan Romanek wrote this same equation in 2006, it is not entirely impossible that this is where Stan may have gotten the equation… It would be very unlikely for anyone to come up with the exact same equation at random, it is also equally unlikely that any Alien intelligence would specifically cite an equation from Hal Puthoff’s paper. The only way it makes any sense is if Stan borrowed the equation for Hal Puthoff’s paper and tried to pass it off as a message he got directly from extraterrestrials.

Stan’s other Equations and messages he got from aliens are equally perplexing unless viewed through the context of a plagiarized hoax. The most tell tale one of all is the citation of Element 115 on one of his supposed “messages from ETs”. Seeing as this reference was obviously plagiarized from Bob Lazar, whose entire story can be proven fraudulent on multiple levels, it is the immediate and conclusive tell-tale sign that we are dealing with yet another copy-cat hoaxer.


My Investigation into Stan Romanek’s “Mystery Equation” revealed that it was undoubtedly copied (plagiarized) from Hal Puthoff’s 2001 paper on the PV Approach to General Relativity, which was a paper explaining how inter-stellar faster-than-light travel might be made possible.

Since Romanek claimed to have gotten this message DIRECTLY FROM ETs… This alone provides conclusive evidence of copy-cat behavior and deception which cast serious doubts on the validity of Stan’s other claims and “documented evidence” which I will not attempt to cover in any serious detail on this page.

From what I can tell, Stan is nothing more than an interested UFO geek (somewhat like myself…) who just decided to take it a little too far, get some publicity for himself and the alien/ET phenomena, and at the same time make some money for himself selling books and online video downloads of the “Denver Alien” video…

When Stan finally decides to write a book admitting it was all a hoax, I promise to buy it and help him promote it as well!

Conditions for re-evaluation: If Stan Romanek can explain why his mystery equations reference Element 115 (known disinfo), and why his equations appear to have been directly stolen from Hal Puthoff’s 2001 paper. I’d be very interested to hear his response… If he can come up with a reasonable excuse, or maybe some hard evidence of his other claims, then I may be forced to re-evaluate his case.

Until then… I will consider him DEBUNKED. You are welcome to disagree with my opinion. 🙂

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