The Debunk Bin

The place for hoaxers, bad science, and wrong ideas.


Nothing does more damage to the scientific credibility of UFOs and Extraterrestrial Visitation than liars, attention seekers, hoaxers, and frauds. Many of the individuals and technologies covered on this page fall into this category, some fall into other categories. There is no specific order or grouping for the mix of tabs above, Each will be debunked thoroughly and concluded with the scientific proofs necessary to vindicate the given entity. That is, a direct “challenge” to these people and anyone who supports these ideas to “put up! or shut up!” (with regards to scientifically legitimate proofs) I use a combination of science and intelligence analysis to investigate the claims and provide thorough, scientifically verifiable rebuttals to a fair and unbiased assessment of the actual arguments and evidence presented. Unlike National Geographic or Popular Mechanics, I will not misconstrue or misrepresent the arguments. I will not use dismissiveness, ridicule, or straw man arguments. This is actual real skepticism and debunking.

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