Billy Meier

Alleged UFO Contactee Billy Meier

Billy Meier is famous for his alleged contact with the “Pleiadians”, and for taking several photographs, one of which was used in the famous “I want to Believe” Poster that hung on Fox Mulder’s wall in the X-Files TV show.


Serious Contradictions

Billy Meier claims that he was a former Assassin, a hired paid murder and thug, yet these ETs chose him as the most spiritually evolved person on the planet to be Earth’s sole ambassador to the stars??? It doesn’t make a lot of sense. In fact, it doesn’t make any sense and is completely contradictory and illogical.


There have been many allegations that Billy Meier’s photographs may be hoaxes:

Here we find some very harsh accusations against meier by his x-wife Popi, and Billy is even compaired to cult figures like “Heaven’s Gate” and “The Peoples Temple Agricultural Project”, better known as “Jonestown”. This event happened 20 years before Heaven’s Gate, where 900+ drank poison Flavor-Ade thinking they (their souls) would be instantly transported onto a passing space ship… (This is where the term “Drinking the Kool Ade” comes from in reference to blindly following something with no evidence)

The Hard Proof of Deliberate Deception

Among the Billy Meier pictures which have been proven obvious fakes (and there are many more than those discussed here!) are the pictures of what Meier claimed to be the Plejarens “Asket” and “Nera”.

Billy Meier fake Pleiadians Asket & Nera

Diligent researchers were able to identify these gorgeous ladies as dancers of the popular American Dean Martin TV-show!

Dean Martin & Golddiggers
Dean Martin & Golddiggers.
Dean Martin & Golddiggers
Dean Martin & Golddiggers.

The blonde “Asket” was identified as Michelle DellaFave:

Michelle DellaFave
Michelle DellaFave.
Dean Martin & Golddiggers
Dean Martin & Golddiggers.

Michelle Della Fave contacted Derek Bartholomaus personally, reacting to publications on his website, and confirmed that she was indeed the person on the pictures that are claimed to be of “Asket”, and that “Nera” was actually Susan Lund. So there is no basis to doubt that all the pictures of her as “Asket” are fake!

These pictures were published in “UFO…Contact From The Pleiades Volume II”. The first edition appeared back in 1983, and was fully approved by Billy Meier! In 1991 another picture of the fake “Asket” (shown below) was included in the book “…Und Sie Fliegen Doch!” (German version of “And Yet… They Fly!”), by Guido Moosbrugger. Again, no complaint from Meier was ever noted.

Only in 1998 did researcher Kal Korff expose the fact that these pictures showed dancers from the Dean Martin show, in a TV-special and a publication of the magazine “UFO Kurier”.

Billy Meier and his hoax-collaborators tried to cover up this blunder in ways that are as much hilarious as merely consisting of obvious bold-faced lies.

Around 2001, Meier himself started out by claiming his pictures were “forged” by the evil MIB (Men In Black), that the original pictures he released himself were actually replaced by these shadow operatives, in order to discredit Meier! It was a nice try, and many people actually still believe it, as many don’t realize that from 1983 to 2001 (for some 18 years!) Billy had no problem whatsoever with these pictures appearing in “Contact From The Pleiades Volume II”, and being passed off as showing authentic Pleiadian ETs!

Thus, in the English publication of “And Yet… They Fly!” of 2001, these photos of “Asket & Nera” were published with new explanations for them, and up to around 2003, a picture of “Asket” / Michelle DellaFave was still posted at (M. Horn’s website) with an appropriate text. It has since been removed there, but can still be found at the US FIGU website (click to enlarge):

'Asket' forged

It’s particularly telling to see how collaborators like Jim Deardorff tried to spin the exposure of fakery as “flawed”. By presenting Meier’s pictures in a sleight-of-hand type way by comparing them with other unresembling pictures of Michelle DellaFave, or by slightly editing her picture to make it look unresembling, he repeatedly tried to pass off Meier’s pictures as being genuine despite the debunking, and even when Meier had already admitted they were “forged”!!

First Deardorff tried to pass-off Meier’s picture as genuine, comparing it to an unresembling picture of Michelle DellaFave (with original caption text by Deardorff, as is still posted on his site here, and as referred to at this page):

'Asket' & unresembling Michelle DellaFave

Not only did Deardorff try to mislead by comparing 2 different pictures, he also edited the contrast settings of the original used to get the picture on the left, to make it look as if Meier’s picture showed a person with a thinner chin than the other picture of Michelle DellaFave on the right.

Below Deardorff’s edited version is on the left, while the original is on the right at the top, with a remake of the edit (to get the thin chin):

'Asket' & Michelle DellaFave edits

These are all very good examples of how not only Billy Meier, but even his collaborators are deliberately deceiving their gullible audience. And with quite a bit of success!

Conclusions: Proven Hoaxer and Liar

The minute anyone making extraordinary claims, such as Billy Meier, shows evidence of deliberate deception, like the proven admitted fraudulent pictures above it brings the entire rest of their story into question. Billy Meier has demonstrated a propensity for dishonesty, and an inclination towards deception. He is not someone I put faith in, since he has proven himself untrustworthy and fully capable of perpetuating an ongoing large scale hoax such as his case is currently believed to be.

This is the epitomy of everything that is wrong with the UFO/Disclosure Movement…
This is part of the reason we cannot get mainstream scientists and academics to take a serious look at this subject!
Thank you Billy Meier for your extreme disservice to the pursuit of truth regarding Extraterrestrial Visitation. Your contributions to the body of disinformation literature regarding alien species and exopolitical foreign policy, is vast and mind numbing. Please do a great service to humanity and admit your lies publicly before you expire from this earth for good.

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