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Edgar Albert Fouche's Autobiography

Edgar Fouche
Ed Fouche Circa 1971 Age: 21

Edgar Fouche
A More Recent photo of Ed

Edgar A. Fouché was born in rural south-central Georgia to fifth generation French Americans. Edgar and many generations of his relatives have historically been involved with the government and military in fields of intelligence, black programs, crypto, secure communications, and classified development projects.

This is true as far back as the French revolution. Joseph Fouché was the Prime Minister under Napoleon, the head of his secret or national police force and a direct ancestor of Mr. Fouché. Joseph Fouché started and controlled the world’s first professionally organized intelligence agency. The CIA, KGB, MI 5, Mossad, etc., used and expanded on his methods of intelligence gathering, networking information, and political survival. Some French historians consider him a scoundrel because he survived many of his leaders, including Napoleon and the King of France, instead of going down with the ship, so to speak. The current Fouchés are proud of being descended from the Free French who opposed slavery, at great financial and personal expense, before and during the Civil War.

The Fouché family moved from city to city frequently during Edgar's childhood. After leaving Americus Georgia, they settled for a few years in San Antonio, Texas. Yes, the move to S.A. from Georgia in "Alien Rapture," that little Joe Green experienced really happened as written. Go figure? Edgar's mother's family, the Rothschilds Russells, are of French German heritage and his grandfather Russell was a Nazarene preacher. All of the Rothschilds on my mother’s side were poor.

Edgar graduated from Longview high school in East Texas, where he was a Thespian, an Honor student, a member of the Student Council, and on the football team as Captain of the Defensive Team. The Vietnam war was escalating and many of his friends and peers were sucked into the tragic political vortex. In February of 1968 while attending Kilgore College and working as a machinist making bombs for R. G. Le Tourneau Industries. That month the military drafted a record high number of young men into the services, one of which was Edgar Fouché.

Edgar went to Lackland AFB for Air Force basic training where he volunteered for Pararescue Training. Pararescuemen jump out of helicopters to rescue downed pilots, usually under fire in a hot zone. He fractured his ankle before jump school at the Fort Benning and was then shipped off to Keesler AFB, Mississippi. Edgar initially went through a year of electronics, communications, intelligence, and cryptological schools. During the years 1967 1974, Edgar was stationed or worked at many Tactical Air Command (TAC), Air Training Command (ATC) bases, and Pacific Air Command Air Forces (PACAF) bases. He was at Kadena AFB Okinawa; Udorn AFB Thailand; Ben Hoi AFB Vietnam, and spent anywhere from a day to a month at many other South East Asian military bases. (A total of 3.5 years in Asia).

He attended several universities, including the University of New Mexico, the Air Force College, and the University of Maryland. He received degrees in Electronics and Avionics Engineering from the Air Force and a BS in Business. Somewhere along the line, Edgar joined the Masonic Lodge (later quit), became a licensed deep sea diver(with many PADI certificates) and was trained by Rostelov Jukov (Russian Defector) , and received pilot training and became an avid woodworker.

Edgar Fouche's paperwork and Credentials:

Here are some images of Ed's Documents taken by the BBC (In this version Ed's SS # has been altered, but the ORIGINAL "Riddle of the Skies" documentary shows his real SS#):

Note that both show the middle initial "A", not "R" for Rothschild.

We've recently compiled evidence proving that Ed's most crucial document was altered by Ed! Check the above link for more information!

FOIA Request on Ed's Military Records

My friend and fellow researcher David Hilton recently filed a FOIA request to get Ed Fouche's military records from the Government. Here are copies of the documents from Ed's military file:

This is a photo showing Ed from Basic Training.

Edgar Fouche - The Man, The Myth, and the Legend

Something that originally caught my eye from Edgar Fouche's presentation, was his mention of Quasicrystals and Metamaterials. Two remarkable types of materials, very definitely used for things like invisibility and stealth cloaking technologies... But did Ed really learn about Quasicrystals and Metamaterials from his contacts within the Military? Did he actually work in Black Projects as he claims or did he learn about all this stuff from reading science and technology magazines, or somewhere else?


Historically, and conventionally, the function or behavior of materials can be altered through their chemistry. This has long been known. For example, adding lead changes the color or hardness of glass. However, at the end of the 20th century this description was expanded by John Pendry, a physicist from Imperial College in London. In the 1990s he was consulting for a British company, Marconi Materials Technology, as a condensed matter physics expert. The company manufactured a stealth technology made of a radiation-absorbing carbon that was for naval vessels. However, the company did not understand the physics of the material. The company asked Pendry if he could understand how the material worked.
Pendry discovered that the radiation absorption property did not come from the molecular or chemical structure of the material, i. e., the carbon per se. This property came from the long and thin, physical shape of the carbon fibers. He realized rather than conventionally altering a material through its chemistry, as lead does with glass, the behavior of a material can be altered by changing a material's internal structure on a very fine scale. The very fine scale was less than the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation that is applied. The theory applies across the electromagnetic spectrum that is in use by today's technologies. The radiations of interest are from radio waves, and microwaves, through infrared to the visible wavelengths. Scientists view this material as "beyond" conventional materials. Hence, the Greek word "meta" was attached, and these are called metamaterials. - Source: Metamaterials - by John Pendry

If there was any sort of Top Secret research work going on with Metamaterials within the Military that Ed was involved in, or had inside information about, then he should be able to provide some sort of information about that if asked. According to this history it says this British division of GEC (General Electric Company) that was connected with Marconi Materials Technology was the company that produced the radar-absorbant paint used by the US Navy, and seeing as they had to get a genius theoretical physicist (Pendry) to come and figure out the physics of how these things actually worked, and no former US defense contractor scientists have ever come forward with any papers or scientific information contesting Pendry's claims to be the first to figure out the physics of how metamaterials worked... The claim that the US Military was heavily involved in Metamaterials research back in 1976-1979 (when Ed claims he was at "Groom"/Area 51) is also BS. Because the term "Metamaterial" did not even exist until a couple of months before Ed's original "Disclosure" Presentation at IUFOC, when John Pendry did the first split-ring resonator array experiments and coined the term "Metamaterials". (There was undoubtedly some articles written about this at the time that we still need to dig up and post here on this page, but that information is coming... don't worry.)

This does not discount the idea that scientists may have stumbled across different types of metamaterials in the past... And while not fully understanding the physics and theory behind them, may have still done some experimentation with radar absorbant coatings/paints and whatnot. But if Ed actually knew or talked to any of these scientsts while involved in compartmentalized operations, then he could probably give us names where we could go look these people up and maybe contact them for verification. The science involved in this is a very complex physics/optics topic, and there would only be a handful of scientists in the Academic community who had any clue about these materials. Also, Ed has still never released any new or valuable intelligence regarding metamaterial technology to prove he had insider access to these types of programs or people connected with them. The level of technical complexity of the intelligence he provided us redarding these materials only indicates an incredibly rudimentary understanding of this technology.

From a quick look at the History of Metamaterials we can see that:

W.E. Kock unwittingly developed the first metamaterials in the late 1940s with metal-lens antannae and metallic delay lenses. Metamaterials were first theorized by Victor Vesselago in 1967, and have been discussed in science fiction stories about invisibility ever since... The first split ring resonator array for use in microwave frequency cloaking was built at GEC-Marconi in 1998 by Mike Wiltshire. Nathan Cohen, claims to have been part of the first team of scientists ever to cloak a human being. He also claims to have worked on some classified programs, but unlike Ed he actually has the credentials and science to lend credibility to his claims. He also does not brag about himself constantly like Ed does. If Ed was really involved in top secret metamaterials research at that time, why didn't he drop any names or details of the science? Are we expected to believe that another secret team existed at Area 51 for this type of research?

So it's quite possible that Ed learned about Metamaterials from one of these other sources. I am also looking to compile an archive of every single newpaper or magazine article ever published referencing metamaterials, and still looking for evidence or ways to declassify evidence for Government or Military research programs involving Metamaterials. So far I have not been able to find anything but I will update this as research progresses and new discoveries are made.


The following bullet points are from Ed's own original IUFOC Presentation notes:

In 1984 a paper was published which marked the discovery of quasi crystals--Two distinctly different metallic crystals joined symmetrically together.

After the 'official' discovery of Quasi crystals in 1984, a close resemblance was noted between the icosahedral quasi crystal and the 3D-Penrose pattern.

Before quasicrystals were discovered in 1984 the British mathematician Roger Penrose devised a way to cover a plane in a nonperiodic fashion using two different types of tiles. An simple example of 3D tiling can be seen on the SLIDE.

The tiles are arranged in a way that they obey certain matching rules. This is called a 3D-Penrose Tiling, which is made up of rhombohedrons instead of the rhombi.

A dozen years later, "Penrose tiling" became the prototype of very powerful models explaining the structure of the Quasi crystals discovered in rapidly quenched metallic alloys.

Fourteen years of quasi crystal research has established the existence of a wealth of stable and meta-stable Quasi crystals with five-, eight-, ten-, and twelve-fold symmetry, with strange structures and interesting properties. New tools had to be developed for the study and description of these extraordinary materials.

Quasicrystals are promising candidates for high energy storage materials, metal matrix components, thermal barriers, exotic coatings, infrared sensors, high power laser applications, and electro magnetics. Some high strength alloys and surgical tools are already on the market.

Quasicrystals Ed Fouche

So if Quasicrystals were "discovered" in 1984... Then where is Ed's proof he heard about them or worked on programs associated with them at Groom (Area 51) during the times he was stationed at Nellis AFB around 1976-1979? How do we know he didn't just read some things about them in a science magazine article and copy his information from there? Maybe if Ed had blown the whistle at some point between 1979 and 1984, it might lend some credibility to the alleged source of his information... Through my own research I have found several potential sources for information on Quasicrystals which closely resemble the information given by Ed in his 1998 IUFOC presentation.

This article on Quasicrystals was published in the New York Times on Tuesday September 5, 1989 by science reporter Malcolm W. Brown. (Click Image to Enlarge) The information in the article is similar to what Ed wrote in his 1998 IUFOC Lecture Notes, so it's quite possible that Ed simply copied the information from this NYTimes article or another similiar article, and did not really get his information from classified documents or secret inside sources. Until Ed is able to identify his sources, and reveal some type of verifiable insider information, then I will hold fast to my conclusion that he simply copied all his information on quasicrystals from publicly available sources.

TR-3B Flying Triangle

Edgar Fouche claims that the United States Air Force is in possession of at least two different Top Secret Nuclear Powered "Anti-Gravity" Flying Triangles classified by the USAF as TR-3B's. According to Fouche the USAF is in possession of both a smaller prototype craft which is 200 feet across, and a larger operational version which is 600 feet across (that's 2 football fields wide!). Ed Fouche claims that these vehicles are used as space platforms by a Secret Space Program. In private conversations Ed Fouche has told me and others that he personally saw the TR-3B on 3 separate occassions while stationed at Groom Lake in the Air Force.


Ed Fouche and his company Fouche Media Associates have produced several graphic renderings of the TR-3B, but no solid photographs or other documentation have ever been produced to confirm the craft's existance or technical details of how it's alleged anti-gravity propulsion system operates. Through my own scientific investigations into the minute details Ed Fouche has given regarding the TR-3B's propulsion system, I have concluded that the information has no technical value and was likely fabricated by Ed in an effort to combine stories about the Nazi Bell Device with the Belgian Wave of Triangular UFO sightings... so that his story would be more believable to the UFO research community.

Sourcing and investigating Ed Fouche's "Mercury based Plasma" Claim

"A circlular accelerator (sic) ...that rotates a mercury based plasma, rotated at 60,000 rpm, pressurized to 200,000 atmospheres, and super-cooled to 150K." - Edgar "Rothschild" Fouche in "Riddle of the Skies" on BBC

I have no idea where Ed got these figures from, but I already showed in previous videos how these numbers are just plain nonsense in scientific terms, and it looks like he made this entire statement up to sound impressive and technical, and fool anyone who lacked the technical background to see through such incredibly large numbers. The G-Force alone would rip any known material apart, let alone that kind of pressure.

One of the people who wrote about the NAZI Bell and Rotating Mercury Plasma prior to Ed's 1998 disclosure was a guy named Tim Matthews, who came out and attacked Ed rather fiercely when Ed first came forward in 1998. There are a few other sources of information on NAZI UFOs and the NAZI Bell with references to rotating mercury which pre-date Ed's 1998 "disclosure" and could have easily been his source for that information. There is also that Indian text "The Vimanaika Shastra" which is over 100 years old and mentions a ship that uses liquid metal inside of it to fly. Ed could have easily pieced these pieces of information togather and crafted his story around it, knowing it would resonate with a lot of people in the UFO Community. (I know it did with me for a time)

The fact that I talked to Ed, in detail about this issue for years, and he never provided me with any scientific or technical information that was of any use to me in my effort to understand and possibly reverse engineer this technology, no information on the contractors who built this craft, no photographs, no documents, no patents, no verifiable information to support his claims with evidence.

My Personal Experience with Ed Fouche

In early 2009 one of my subscribers from YouTube named "Ellamcoy contacted me and said he could put me in touch with Edgar Fouche whome I had talked about in some of my videos on the TR3B and anti-gravity. I agreed and after a few email exchanged I began talking to Ed on Skype on a frequent basis. Over the past few years I've had an interesting relationship with Ed, and come to know the ins and outs of his story and alleged disclosures better than anyone else out there... While I applauded Ed for helping me to debunk the claims of other frauds/hoaxers like Bob Lazar, Dan Burisch and a few others claiming (without supporting evidence) to be ex-military or ex-government employees involved in top secret or black programs.

For a number of years I befriended Ed Fouche, believing that I was helping a get legitimate information out from a genuine whistle-blower. I believed that Ed actually had personal access to top secret reverse-engineering programs connected with invisibility technology and anti-gravity or advanced propulsion technologies, because he talked about the very REAL science behind the technology and he had the military background to back it up. Despite all the flaws I found in his stories over the years, he remains one of the most legitimate whistleblowers in all of UFOlogy (I know, not saying much..)While it is possible that Ed learned these things from other sources than through direct access to classified programs involved with these technologies, he also could have slightly crafted his story to help get legitimate information back into the spotlight.

All in all Ed never provided us with any new information that couldn't already be found in magazine and newspaper articles, online, or in books as shown above. (Partly because divulging that type of information crosses the border of criminality...) Understandible for a Vet who wants to keep his pension. Part of the reason he wrote Alien Rapture as a work of Fiction the way he did.

After having known Edgar Fouche for the past 4 years, I must say that he is one of the most deceitful and manipulative people I have ever met personally. He would buy things for me and send me gifts (I thought he was just being nice) only to later hang them over my head and use them to try and manipulate me. Ed caused more problems on the forum than anyone else, made more posts than anyone else (most of them disinfo or BS), and he would blame things on the other admins and constantly pit all of us against one another so that we would fight and argue amongs ourselves accussing each other of things that Ed was really the one doing behind everyone's backs. We eventually figured out who the real culprit was... and that moment was quite a shock to me, since I trusted Ed.

That moment of revelation came after Ed sabotaged a deal that we had going with the the producers of "NASA Undisclosed Files" (a TV Program which both Ed Fouche and Dan Benkert appeared on), when Ed wrote a nasty email saying all types of lies to the producers, and got me kicked off the show! All because he wanted me to lie to them on camera about the NASA Triangle "UFO" from the STS 61C mission. Ed had told the TV producers from that this triangle was the TR3B... But, I found a high def image of the triangle which showed it was more likely to be just a piece of space junk... Ed got furious with me and warned me not to tell the TV producers. Threatened me even!

High-Res Image suggest NASA "Triangle", is actually just a shard of "Thermal Insulation Tile"...
Started here -
click "Request the original image file"
You go here -
Original Source:

Ed did not want me to pass this rather important image on to the producers, and instead wanted them to produce and disseminate misinformation to the public!

I could not ethically stand by and watch that happen...

In addition to this, the night before Ed was to be interviewed by Wag TV for The Discovery Network's "NASA UFO Files", he called me up on Skype and wanted to talk all about the technical details of the TR-3B, and all the things that I had pointed out were wrong with his details as he originally gave them in his interview with "Riddle of the Skies"... Namely the 250,000 atm of pressure and the Supercooling of Mercury to 150K which I had explained make no sense at all... He asked me what other types of things are typically super-cooled like that, and I offered a few ideas including "Superconducting Electromagnets" at which point he stopped me and said "Aha! That's it! They supercooled the external electromagnets to 150K NOT the Mercury Plasma!" ...and a sort of sick feeling came over me as I began to suspect that Ed was intentionally picking my brain for information in order to change his story to make it sound more believeable. It makes no sense to me why I should have to tell Edgar Fouche how the TR-3B works when he claims to be the one who disclosed it's very existence!!! Heck, one night when Ed was drunk he even told me that he flew on the thing personally!

Ed's rampant alcoholism (mostly due to his struggles with PTSD I believe) lead to a destruction of our friendship, and eventually a bitter rivalry which left such a bitter taste in my mouth that I left UFOlogy and YouTube for a number of years because of it. I blame Ed for the destruction of the Forum and the database getting hacked by people he granted Admin priviledges to, (whoever it was covered their tracks very well...)

Ed was a pathological liar and a master manipulator. He bought me gifts (a USB hard drive, and a Spy-Pen video/audio recorder), only to later hold them over my head... He would perform deceitful acts, and then blame them on Danny or David Hilton when I asked him about it. He pit me against my friends, and pretended to be my friend with charm and flattering compliments, which took me off my guard. I should have been much more skeptical of him and his information from the start, but I was spell bound by Quasicrystals and Metalmaterials... and a superfluid antigravity centrifuge engine which seemed to make such perfect sense. It explained the disc shape, and the whirring sound behind the high voltage hiss reported in many UFO sightings all too perfectly... It's still a hell of a lot more credible sounding than the Bob Lazar story and the Element 115 nonsense.

Ed files false Copyright claims on my video exposing him:

In Late 2013 David Hilton and Dan Bankart brought to my attention a video they had recorded of an Oovoo conversation with Ed, where Ed bascially admits to lying about his entire story, and making it all up. This video was recorded by David Hilton, the original is about 2 hours long, but I cut out a few key pieces from the video and posted it on my YT Channel on November 14, 2013. A few days later it was taken down by Edgar Fouche who filed a copyright infringement claim against the video. This resulted in my ability to upload videos longer than 15 minutes to be revoked for several months and me having to file counter claims and other forms to get my YT account back in good standing.

The video is still up on my YT channel, but I now have it set to "Private" so it is currently not available to the public.

Ed Lies about being an NSA Agent:

On Wednesday Nov 6, 2013 I received an email from Ed Fouche which was CC'd to an email address. I am convinced that Ed made this up to scare us into thinking he was an NSA disinfo agent, in order that we'd be more afraid to expose him as a liar.

A follow-up investigation into this email address is currently in progress, with several FOIAs sent to the NSA for recrods related to Ed Fouche and that Email Address.

No Mailer-Daemon Response? We believe the NSA has a "catch all" folder. Just try any random email address and you will see it goes through. No mystery here.

Overall it was Ed's alcoholism (due to his PTSD), and the fallout we had over the forum getting hacked and destroyed, which caused a massive rift in our friendship and generated a lot of hate and accusations from both sides.

Though we made our peace again shortly before he died. I never fully resolved his case, and some people still go by the things I said about him while we were fighting, where I called him a liar and a Government Agent...

I will be doing a follow up on Ed Fouche just to clear the air and set the story straight. Ed's Military records show he was stationed at Nellis AFB, and he knew people there, that can not be denied.

Ed Fouche Circa 1980 in Houston Texas.                                   Ed and his wife Rebecca in 1995

Ed claims this is a picture of him at a "Pentagon NSA Black Programs "conference in 1987...

Note that in both the photos of Ed from the 1980s show him with a full head of hair (no bald spot)

Ed's Story...

Click Here

For a complete transcript of Edgar Fouche's presentation to the International UFO Conference in 1998.

--The complete unabridged document of the FULL disclosure made by Edgar Fouche--

(Now with Pictures too)

I found some differences between the version of Ed Fouche's presentation posted in the link directly above others found elsewhere on the internet.Such as this site here

One example is this picture which Ed sent me, and claimed he was the tall bald guy in the middle of the picture, and that this photo was taken inside a hangar at AREA 51. …
(6 Foot 4 Striped Shirt and Bald)

Ed Fouche told me to write:
Early static prototype of a very Top Secret F-117 at the very classified Groom AB.
We called it ‘Have Blue’ back then. This smaller proof-of-concept model of the F-117 first flew at Groom in December 1977. Testing of a series of ultra-secret prototypes continued there until mid-1981. (Edgar Fouche was stationed at Nellis AFB from76-80) Groom was a short airplane or helicopter ride from Nellis AFB.

The guy to the left of Edgar Fouche is Bob Green, Avionics & Computer Engineer, and C*A employee. The little guy to the right of Edgar Fouche is CMSgt. Billy Snodgrass (A&E specialist) who has a niece who was a well known actress.

Edgar Fouche worked with Bob at the Flight Operational Test & Evaluation (FOT&E) center at Edwards AFB (CA) where they did R&D on the F-111, F-15 & F-15 Streak Eagle, A-9, A-10, original B-1, and other still classified prototypes. We also worked together at Nellis AFB & Groom AB (NV), and we both had offices at Kelly AFB (TX) in the mid 80s when I was the SAC Liaison. Bob was in Saudi and Diego Garcia during both Iraqi wars. Now retired.

No I can’t tell you where I got all of my photos. It’s pretty obvious.
The guy who took this photo worked for Bob Green.

However, through actual research we were able to determine that Ed, most likely stole the photo from here, and completely fabricated the story above. After writing the original source of this photograph with an inquiry, the guy who ACTUALLY took the photo told us "Who is Ed Fouche? I've never heard of him before..."!

Here is an email exchange with the webmaster of that page:

So, Ed's details (which he told me to write) regarding that F-117 photograph, were all just another one of Ed's lies.

S-4 or not S-4... Ed get's caught in yet another LIE!

Even though Ed has blasted Bob Lazar and his story about S-4 and Element 115, Ed apparently stole or borrowed parts of Bob Lazar's story, earlier on in his career. Apparently later he thought wiser of it and admitted to lying about S-4.

On this thread, from my forum, Ed makes some incriminating statements...

At 6 minutes and 27 seconds Ed speaks openly and surely about Pappoose and Area S-4.

At 48 seconds in of this video (part 7of7 IUFOC Presentation, video above) Ed says:

"At Papoose, where they store one of the TR-3B's and they maintain this as their depot, it's built in to the side of a mountain it's cut out of stone. They have a holographic generator that generates the side of the mountain, and when your ten feet from the side of this mountain and your looking in to the hangar you can almost see a mountain, thats why when the Russian satellites fly over to verify the salt treaty, when their infrared and other spectral scanners shoot down at Groom, they only see stone cause that's all that is there!

In this post just above the fake W-2..... you state: "Also S-4 is not at Papoose Lake in Area 51 of the Nellis AFB Range. Ed"

So Ed has told two conflicting versions of this story... Why? Probably because he was lying.

Ed Fouche S-4 Lie

The Truth about S-4...

A super invisibile, completely un-guarded ULTRA TOP SECRET base directly downwind from the Nevada Nuclear Test site, making it one of the most radioactive places on earth... Hmmm?

S-4, Papoose Lake

The Jerry Freeman Story

The Jerry Freeman story completely challanges the narrative put forth by Bob Lazar about a Top Secret Base on Papoose Lake called "S-4". For if Bob's story were true, then Jerry Freeman would most certainly have been apprehended for coming so close to the base.

To date, no credible evidence has ever been put forth to prove a facility ever existed at Papoose Lake, where Lazar claimed this top secret Government owned UFO hanger was...

The F-15 Crash:

For over a year, David Hilton and myself wasted precious time and resources investigating the crash of an F-15 in the Nellis Test Range, which Ed repeatedly claimed was the result of a UFO encounter... That turned out not to be the case... Ed would also repeatedly insist that the significance of this crash was "Bigger than Roswell!"... After painstaking investigation, it turns out that this was not the case either...

The Final Flight of Balls 85 by David Hilton:

Triangle UFOs and the Belgian Wave

I suspect that Ed fabricated his story about the TR-3B by combining the Belgian Wave of UFO sightings with the NAZI Bell & NAZI (Operation Paperclip) Secret Space Program stuff. At least he was very very upset when the hoaxer came forward and declared it a fake.

"Classic" UFO Photo from Belgian Wave - the Hoaxer Confesses

Original Source:

For more than twenty years, UFO believers have been citing the 1989-1990 wave of UFO sightings in Belgium as an unexplained mystery. For a period of several months, people in Belgium were reporting sightings of a triangular-shaped craft. It was one of the major chapters in Leslie Kean's recent best-selling book, "UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record" (see my review of it in the March/April 2011 Skeptical Inquirer). Even Michael Shermer's review of Kean's book suggests that the Belgian sightings represent a "residue of anomalies" (Scientific American, March 28, 2011).

One big problem with the Belgian wave has always been the lack of photos or movies showing the object, despite hundreds of claimed sightings. Indeed, Kean seeks to dismiss the lack of evidence by noting that "twenty years ago, cell phones and relatively inexpensive, consumer-level digital and video cameras were not yet in use" (true, but film cameras were plentiful and widespread). Indeed, only one photo claiming to show this supposed 'triangular craft' has ever been seen (above). It was said to have been taken in Petit Rechain, Belgium in April, 1990 by a twenty-year-old man known only as "Patrick," although it was not released until four months later. The Belgian UFO investigative group SOBEPS investigated the photo and found it to be authentic. So did many other "experts". Kean writes,

A team under the direction of Professor Marc Acheroy discovered that a triangular shape became visible when overexposing the slide. After that, the original color slide was further analyzed by Frangois Louange, specialist in satellite imagery with the French national space research center, CNES; Dr. Richard Haines, former senior scientist with NASA; and finally Professor Andre Marion, doctor in nuclear physics and professor at the University of Paris-Sud and also with CNES. (p. 30)

UFO skeptics have long supplied reasons why this photo is not credible. For one thing, it shows nothing in the background to allow its size or distance to be ascertained. It could as easily be a tiny model seen close-up as a giant hovering craft. In the 1990s the Belgian skeptic Wim van Utrecht showed that the photo could easily be reproduced using a small model. In a recent issue of Tim Printy's WebZine Sunlite, an article by Roger Pacquay notes several inconsistencies about the photo.

Now we have a confession. The Belgian news organization RTL is reporting that the hoaxer has given his "Mea culpa" and now "lifts the veil": The reporter interviewed "Patrick" in his home, where he showed them many slides and prints. "l?OVNI de Petit-Rechain n?est pas un vaisseau spatial venu d?une lointaine galaxie mais un panneau de frigolite peint et équipé de trois spots" ("The UFO of Petit-Rechain is not a spaceship from a distant galaxy but a panel of painted styrofoam with three spots affixed.")

Summary and Conclusions on Edgar Fouche

Through the FOIAs filed by David Hilton we have been able to confirm that Ed Fouche was indeed stationed at Nellis AFB (Area 51) from 14 June 1976 to 16 July 1979 where he worked on flight test systems for the F-15. Thus making him the only verified Area 51 "Whistleblower" to date. (Bob Lazar was caught lying about his education and has never confirmed his employment there)It is possible that during this deployment Ed came into contact with people and information regarding classified programs. However the information (stories) he has provided, are not a substitute for hard evidence and documentation of such programs or details of their inner workings.

Ed has no substantial proof for any of his more exotic claims about holographics, invisibility, or the TR-3B Flying Triangle though I have no reason to doubt that the Military would be working on these types of things... No evidence that he worked on or had inside information about classified or "black" programs (only F-15 Flight Test Equipment), no substantial leaks of relevant technical or scientific information that could help us in understanding or reverse engineering this technology. His story, even if true, is essentially useless, in that it has not provided any kind of insight into how these technologies work or how scientists can replicate them, or how and where the public can access the information through FOIA requests with the Government (Names of Classified Programs, Directors, Scientists, etc.)

Edgar Fouche may have had some type of exposure to secret or classified programs during his time in the military, but of course he is NOT a scientist, or anyone high up on the food chain as far as we can tell, and the level of information he has provided could quite possibly have been fabricated from publicly available information at the time. But even if Ed really did hear rumors about a flying triangle called the TR-3B, or see it 3 times as he claims when he worked in the military. His technical specs on the inner workings of the mercury centrifuge engine are wrong and display a poor understanding of physics and engineering. They also offer us zero insight into the science and technology of anti-gravity, a subject I have studied extensively in an effort to separate science fact from fiction, and come to a more coherent understanding of the physics involved. Chasing stories about the TR-3B have ony proven to be a distraction from other, more legitimate scientific work.

The Wheat

Ed's disclosures on Quasicrystals and Metamaterials and their use for invisibility and optics/photonics are perhaps the most scientifically interesting gem of the entire Ed Fouche saga. It would make perfect sense that top secret military research might be very interested in these things, and the fact that Ed talked about them proves that at he at least knew something... Ed also displayed a working knowledge of the military, the structure and organization of classified programs, and had documents to back up his Military Service Record, including his deployment at Nellis AFB.

Ed was also the first to disclose the possible existance of the TR-3B, and since then numerous triangular craft have been spotted. To date no official documentation of the TR-3B or it's connection to the ASTRA development program has been found. I was originally drawn to Ed's description of the ship's Anti-Gravity drive being based on a Rotating Mercury Plasma, but I now wonder if perhaps Ed didn't craft that part of the story from available UFO lore from Indian texts (Vimanika Shastra), and the NAZI Bell stories? Or could these pieces form a real chain of evidence of an historic technology from these flying ships in ancient India, to the Nazi Bell (Die Glocke) Experiment, to present day? Time and future physics research will tell if there is anything valid to these stories.

The Chaff

...The down side of Ed Fouche's story is that all the important parts like the stuff about mercury plasma centrifuge engines and Magnetic Flux Field Disruptors, have provided no significant insights into our understanding of Anti-Gravity physics or our ability to replicate the technology or release it from the depths of Classified Government Programs.. And while such programs and aircraft may exist somewhere in a secret hanger at Area 51, Ed has never provided the technical/scientific details to help us reverse engineer it ourselves.

The TR-3B also remains a mystery to me... The 600 foot model seems near impossible, and even the 250 foot model seems a little far fetched. Ed never backed down off it's existence the entire time we were friends, in fact a few times (when he was really drunk) he told me that he not only worked on the thing, but that he flew on it once... It seemed like he was telling a bigger lie to cover for the original lie... Combined with the fact that he was caught and admitted to lying about S-4 saying that the program director persuaded him into lying and adding that part to his story... It shows that he has an inclination towards deception for personal profit. This was further shown by the incident with Discovery Channel where he wanted me to lie to the producers about a NASA photograph, just to get on TV, and not show them the high def image where it looks like space junk...

Andrew Johnson and "Check the Evidence"

After the falling out between Ed and myself (over the Forum, the holes in Ed's stories, and the Discovery Channel) Ed decided to betray me in the ultimate way by teaming up with a guy named Andrew Johnson, an avid Judy Wood supporter who has said and written some rather nasty things about me in the past in retalliation to some of the research I have published regarding the scientific validiy of Judy Wood's DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) hypothesis with regards to the controlled demolition of the WTC on 9/11.

Instead of addressing my scientific arguments and responding with evidence, or experiments like a respectable researcher would do, Andrew Johnson prefers personal attacks and baseless accusations about familial connections with oil companies or the CIA... Which even if they were true, still don't serve as evidence of advanced Directed Energy Weapons capable of vaporizing a 110 story 500,000 ton structure in less than 13 seconds, nor is it a valid substitute for hard evidence of a Top Secret USAF Craft called the TR-3B, which has never been provided. Andrew Johnson instead prefers to base his logical reasoning on the fallacy of Argument from Ignorance, whereby if you can't prove something false, then it must be true!

I'd take more time to respond to the levy of personal attacks that Andrew Johnson has made against me on his website, but it would honestly be a waste of my time (and my audiences' time) to dredge through such baseless and useless information and argumentation. Not where there are so many more important subjects to talk and write about.

While Andrew Johnson accuses me of "muddying the water" with my well documented research and analysis, I wait for him to provide hard scientific evidence and documentation of things like The Hutchison Effect, Directed Energy Weapons, Free Energy, the TR-3B, and the other unproven phenomena he believes in (while attacking skeptics like me for being genuinely skeptical...)