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Welcome to the AlienScientist Homepage

Exploring the Greatest Scientific Controversies of the 20-21st Century

The goal of" is to help humanity make the transition to a Type 1 Civilization (Kardashev Scale) mainly through the implementation of new technologies. (with a focus on Energy, Transportation, Communication, and Space Technologies)

"Alien" also means "foreign" or "outside the norm"... It's unfortunate that when most people hear the word "alien" they think "little green men"... In that regard I guess I'd say I'm more Scientist than alien...

The "AlienScientist" began as the idea that we must think 10, 20, a thousand years into the future... To what an Alien Scientist from a futuristic space-faring civlization might think... It then merged into an exploration of any Scientific Controversy which has become alienated in the accepted realm of scientific discussion.

The goal of AlienScientist, is to teach the tools of Science & Intelligence, namely "experiment", and "appeal to Nature" or "appeal to evidence", in order to eliminate bias sort through disinfo and correctly arrive at the Truth, while viewing technology as a means to free and protect humanity from imminent greed-driven self destruction of our planet/species.

"Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has, as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity."
- Nikola Tesla -1919

Scientific Controversy and The Search for Truth

I am on a search for the truth, and science is my tool I use to find it. I am well known for tackling highly controversial issues and technologies, while drawing attention to how scientists or other people with invested business interests might act in a manner that impedes global scientific progress in cases where buying out or suppressing certain technologies or other markets when it protects or furthers their business interests. Bias in scientific studies is a serious problem in today's caplitalist society. We have Medical Scientists picking methods of data analysis that appear to give them the "better" results. We know Scientific journals prefer to publish experiments that have rather positive than negative results. This causes a bias on what scientists choose as objects of study and how they design their experiments. We have the Government suppressing medical studies on Marijuana because the studies gave results which conflicted with the perception of the drug that they wanted the public to have. We have the National Institute of Standards and Technology claiming that for the first time in history 3 unique fire-induced building collapse anomalies all took place on the same day, even though a similar event has never happened in 100 years of consturction/fire history! What does all this say about the current effects of Politics on Science? When the biggest paying scientific industries are the corporations, and there is so much cross-over between the interests of the corporation or establishment and the interests of the scientists performing the experiments, especially when their results or findings might greatly conflict with the establishment/corporation's goals.

I cover topics most scientists won't touch

Warning: These subjects will destroy your career if you get involved in them! This information is likely to change your world view drastically, including the way you view people, politics, world events, human history, etc. There is a reason they don't teach this kind of information in schools or talk about it on TV. Because this is information that could change the world, and that makes it scary to some people.

  • Projects - What other people are doing do to help our species transition smoothly to complete sustainability.
  • Conspiracy - Exposing the "terrorists" who are holding us back from Ascension.
  • Technology - List of the most important technologies for the future.
  • Educational - A complete undergraduate physics major's study guide.
  • Intelligence - What is intelligence? Why is it important? How does it work?
  • Aliens - Exopolitics, Contact Protocols, Disclosure, and the ongoing search for truth.
  • Debunk Bin - The place for hoaxers, bad science, and wrong ideas.

"Science is magic that works." - Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle.

News and Current Events

Element 115 Bombshell!

April 11, 2019

The May 1989 Issue of Scientific American talks about an island of stability, a theoretical limit at Element 114, use of heavy elements as fuel, and other similar information that has been provided by Bob Lazar over the years. (aside from the Anti-Gravity stuff)

Could this be where Bob Lazar copied his information from? It certainly pre-dates his "disclosures" later that same year, and surprisingly I've never heard anything about this article before...

Did Bob Lazar have a subscription to Scientific American Magazine in 1989?

May 1989 Super Heavy Elements Bob Lazar
(Click to Enlarge)

Known Isotopes of Element 115 and their respective half lives

No stable isotope has ever been discovered, casting serious doubt on Bob Lazar's #1 claim... Miraculously, his supporters seem unfazed by this.

Please Visit for a more complete summary on the Bob Lazar case..

...including pictures from a guy who walked right out onto papoose lake and took this picture directly in front of the alleged S-4 site back in 1991!

We are forming the ULTIMATE UFO DREAM TEAM!

February 2019

UFO ROAD TRIP! coming soon (provided we get enough support for it!)

On our first UFO road trip we went to Clarksburg West Virginia and visited the Gray Barker collection at the local public library through special appointment. Michael Schratt has apparently spend an enormous amount of time there on past visits and used up an extraordinarily large amount of ink and paper...

Meeting Michael Schratt for the first time was like meeting an extraterrestrial.. This man lives and breathes UFO research, and I dig it!

David Couchen the librarian seen in the video, was absolutely fantastic and shared some astounding research with us, unravelling some of the mysteries of the Philidelphia Experiment, which appears was initiated with a man named Carl Allen, picked up in the UFO tabloid news by Gray Barker and from there, picked up and promoted by the US Navy for Cold War intelligence purposes...

If you would be interested in helping us fund future ROAD TRIPS, please Donate anything you can (even a little helps!) Or reach out and contact us to talk about product advertising, etc.!

If you would like to join us or meet up with us on future Road Trips please find us on Facebook.

The Rise and Fall of Hover Brothers

OK, so I wanted to publish a full summary of what happened with Ken and Hover Brothers. How it came together, how it all fell apart, and the valuable lessons I learned in the process.

Hover Brothers began as a response to Tom Delonge’s announcement that he was planning to start an aerospace division to perform anti-gravity research and begin building craft. I did not have much faith in Delonge’s plans, even less faith in them after my experiences with Hover Brothers, and I wanted to try to bring some competition to the table, and raise the stakes. So I called up an old friend of mine who had been a guest on my channel before to talk about new physics, theories of everything, and especially theories of gravity and the nature of gravitation. A very knowledgeable physics theorist by the name of Ken Griggs. After a few months of talking every night on video chat, we decided to form our own company to compete with Delonge, to conduct some of our own research into real anti-gravity via blocking quantum entanglement, an idea which is beginning to take hold in mainstream physics and needs to be seriously considered by the amateur gravity researchers who have been following my research for the past decade or more.

So using some bitcoin I had won as a prize for my Documentary 9/11 Inside Out, which was screened at last year’s 9/11 Film Festival, I took some time off work to put together a website and a business plan, including plans for research and for our future facility. Ken obtained an LLC, we signed a basic contract and an NDA, and we launched on Christmas Eve.

in 3 months we managed to raise over $10,000 and amassed hundreds of followers. Since we launched in Dec, I have been mainly focused on finding a new computer expert partner as my old computer programming and developing partner Matt, has been wrapped up in some other projects he is now pursuing with virtual reality technology and 3D photography and has not had the time to help me. So far I’ve found a few interesting people, but no one who has really stuck out as an adequate replacement with the right combination of skill, knowledge, commitment, and trust.

I have some small but detailed and sensitive projects that I need help with. Such as getting a new AlienScientist forum set up, getting the email situation figured out with a newsletter and automated contact lists, and a bunch of other simple yet time consuming tasks. Until I find someone that I can trust absolutely to help me build these things, they are never going to get built. At least not in a timely fashion… people will just have to wait for me to fumble through and figure it all out on my own. Meanwhile I am working full time and raising an 18 month old baby boy who demands a lot of attention... So it’s tough. Perhaps impossible under my current circumstances.

At the same time I was taking time off from work to do Hover Brothers. Setting up meetings and interviews with prospective partners and investors, as well as doing weekly livestreams to keep people updated and interested… All the while I was busting my ass with all this work, Ken began falling off, and skipping out on our scheduled meetings becoming unreachable for days on end with seemingly no progress being made in the meantime. We went from talking for hours every night, to not talking at all… I figured he was maybe getting sucked into the negativity from all the trolls and haters out there calling us scam artists and frauds, as he messaged me a few times with his irritation over some of the responses we were getting. But I told him to ignore those people and focus on the positive and the task at hand of proving this technology and his theory with our lab and our experiments, which should be considered more important than anything anyone has to say… Let the experiments do the talking.

Unfortunately, Ken didn’t listen and began focusing too much of his energy on composing elaborate responses to haters, and not caring about the people trying to get us funding for our research. The weekly livestreams that were keeping our audience updated abruptly ended with no explanation. Not the behavior I would expect of someone who was confident in their theory and genuinely wanted to move forward with testing and confirmation.

Ken and I also began having some disagreements about the future location for our facility. While I was trying to do real market research on land and construction costs, energy costs, local government, human resources, as well as logistical and environmental factors including security threats, Ken had his heart completely set on Las Vegas as his final destination, based on the advice of a special type of “psychic” called an astro-cartographer… Apparently two separate astro-cartographers both told Ken that he belonged in Vegas, and this left a lasting impact on him which far outweighed any sense of logic or intelligence I threw at him, such as the obvious fact that Las Vegas is espionage city for advanced physics research, and we’d be placing ourselves right in the Jackel’s den..

Ken also began acting very weird about the money we were raising, once telling me that because of my astrological sign I was prone to being money hungry and greedy… Never mind the fact that all humans are prone to being money hungry and greedy regardless of their birthday, and most of astrology panders to these overlapping generalities to give it a sense of credibility, where scientifically it has none. That comment about me being a naturally inclined "greedy Taurus” offended me greatly, yet Ken has never apologized or taken it back. Even though he made me apologize to him up and down and swear that I would never do it again, after I called him several times in a row one day, after he missed 2 scheduled video conferences 2 days in a row and wouldn’t return my texts or phone calls… He said that being pushed into doing things was his #1 pet peeve… But from my perspective, it just looks like laziness, disorganization, and disinterest.

Never mind that we were supposed to be running a business together, where holding meetings to gather and discuss new information, was an integral part of getting that business off the ground… I was literally taking off work to do Hover Brothers as my job full time instead. So “pushing” Ken to attend meetings was not unlike your boss “pushing” you to show up for work every day… and it just so happened that work called and had a well-paying construction job ready for me. So not seeing much point in devoting my full time efforts to a project that Ken was not taking as seriously, I went back to work at my full time job as a Union construction worker here in Rhode Island... I continued to do work on Hover Brothers at night and on weekends, including holding scheduled meetings, but I could tell Ken was beginning to unravel at the seems.

About a week after I went back to work, I actually met up with the guy who sent me the bitcoin for my 9/11 Documentary. He flew here to Rhode Island to meet up with me, and I have to say it was the first time I’ve ever met up with someone I met off YouTube, but heck the guy gave me that prize money for my documentary and was interested in meeting me, so I kinda felt like I owed it to him. Turns out he was a very knowledgeable computer security expert, who had connections to some cryptocurrency multimillionaires and that he was interested in connecting me with people who might be interested in funding our research projects with Hover Brothers.

He also alerted me to the fact that if we did file through the SEC with stock based investors as we had originally planned, the Government could sue us for defrauding investors and pulling a scam, before we could ever demonstrate our technology and prove that it wasn’t a scam… Yeah, it turns out that if the Government doesn’t like you, they will find ways to shut you down… If they are cool with you, then you won’t have any problems. Cough, cough.

I thought that Ken would be elated when I alerted him to the pitfall we were walking straight into with the SEC investment platform, and the options for private investment we might want to consider instead… But Ken’s reaction was one that I never could have possibly predicted.

Ken began to accuse me of being part of a Russian espionage operation against him, and began hounding me over the source, nature, and everything about this bitcoin money I had received while not accepting any of the answers or documented evidence I provided him with! All because this guy, mentioned in passing during this meeting that his family was of Russian ancestry… No, I’m serious. I now realize the harmful side effects of all the mainstream news propaganda pushing all these fake Russia connections to anything and everything. Combine that with an over inflated ego after getting a couple hundred thousand views on YouTube… and Ken took the Russian thing and ran with it. Suddenly the bitcoin I got back in October for my 9/11 Film, wasn’t really prize money for the 15 years of hard work I put into researching the events of September 11th and the months of work that went into making that documentary which was aired at several film festivals. No, according to Ken’s belief and persistent accusations… that money was espionage pay offs for me to spy on him and his PhOENIX theory, at a time when the only publication of his theory was a 10 part video series of him and some stuffed animals sitting in his bedroom that he posted back in 2012 which had less than 500 views cumulatively on all 10 videos. It makes absolutely no sense, but that is what happened and what Ken apparently now believes..

I know that I’m not an agent, or a sell out, or a scam artist. But I can’t say I know anything for sure about Ken and what his whole role in this drama actually was… I might just as well suspect that he could be an agent, hired to compromise my credibility and destroy my YouTube Channel… Tie my hands by binding me to a non-disclosure agreement and a business contract I signed with him when we started our Hover Brothers LLC. Now I have this information on PhOENIX and quantum entanglement and I can’t talk about any of it because I am bound under NDA… hmmm?

As for PhOENIX and this quantum entanglement business, I think it’s still an intriguing theory, which may provide an accurate topological basis set for particle interactions. However, there are some very obvious and serious holes in PhOENIX theory such as how to get nucleons and how to explain gravity, both of which Ken has promised would be coming in future papers, but has failed to provide. Every physicist who has looked at PhOENIX says the same thing, and it’s the truth. We are all waiting on these missing key pieces, and the testable experimental predictions. Until then, you are going to have to deal with people insisting that you publish in a respected peer review journal before they can take it seriously. I’m sorry Ken, but these people are right, and you are wrong.

Based on the available evidence: The glaring gaps left unexplained in Ken’s theory, the fact that he has such a strong belief in Astrology, Astrocartography, and other nonsensical interpretations of nature, including this recent spell of pure insanity where he has begun accusing me of being a Russian cut-out, and insisting that my bitcoin money now belongs to Hover Brothers and needs to be appropriated as such, and put under the strictest scrutiny… Yet I’m the greedy Taurus with money problems. It’s just completely asinine and without further proof, I can only conclude that Ken’s other theories about gravity and quantum entanglement are probably wrought with the same level of errors and confusion. He is also very much driven by greed. His refusal to publish his theory or even share it with me in person, in private… and the whole issue and runaround he gave about patents vs. open source… He’s only interested in helping himself. Not humanity as a whole, and that is why the theory, even if it’s real, will fail to amount to any sort of recognition. Especially when you insult your friends and partners, and accuse them of selling out a Billion Dollar idea for 3 month’s rent… What a joke.

“Diversity Embracing” also turned out to be a complete lie, and a point of serious contention for the company and many of our viewers. Turns out that if you’re the wrong astrological sign, or have any Russian ancestry in you, then Ken is going to have serious issues with your diversity… It’s cool if you’re black and gay, But if you’re a Russian or a Taurus, go to hell.

So good luck and fare well Ken. Based on all these factors, I have decided to leave Hover Brothers, end the partnership, and refund all our investors with my sincerest apologies that this did not work out as I had planned. Without trust and a shared vision we are never going to be able to work together as partners… I thought you were a good friend of mine, and I was ready to take some of that investment money and buy a plane ticket to fly down to Georgia and visit, where we could talk in person, face to face, and not through the usual NSA recorded and monitored online video conferences. But as we now see, it wasn’t meant to happen. I’ve juggled this around in my head quite a bit over the past month and here’s what I’ve come up with: either it’s the more likely scenario A. Ken really doesn’t have the full theory, he truly is ‘mentally ill’ as his recent behavior suggests, and he’s now playing the blame game as a diversion to back himself out of a corner. The other, less likely option is B. Ken really has stumbled upon the one true theory of everything with PhOENIX, and it’s driven him to mental illness and maddened him with greed and egotism (my precious)… Really only time and experiments will tell, but I am betting more on the first option given the evidence I currently have to go on.

This exercise with Hover Brothers was a valuable learning experience for me and hopefully for everyone watching in my audience too. In the future I am going to be much more careful about who I choose to join forces with, and never again will I ever get myself into a partnership or legal agreement with anyone under any circumstances. No offense to anyone of you I reached out to recently and am now ignoring… honestly I’m about to be done with trying to find partners after this... I never want to be reliant on someone else or tied down to anything ever again. I need to take some computer science classes and learn how to do more of these things myself, instead of trying to find other people to help me. I just need to put in the time and the hours to learn it myself and get good at things like photo-shop, programming, email, etc…

So that’s where I currently stand, I will probably keep the HoverBrothers website up, although I am going to change some things around and transform it into more of a news and info site for anti-gravity and quantum entanglement research. I will be resuming my Anti-Gravity research under Alien Scientist.

For those of you who did invest in HoverBrothers, your refund will take up to 2 weeks to process. If there are any problems after that, write to me at info at and write refund in the subject line. For anyone that still wants to support me on my solo projects moving forward, there is a donate button on where you can re-invest your refund. Unfortunately the legal agreement I signed with Hover Brothers requires me to do it this way. It’s just easier, and avoids any problems in the future.

I do apologize for the 2 month absence from YouTube, while I was busy working through all the details in this curious caper. I plan to start holding more livestreams with different guests every weekend on a regular set schedule. But I don’t just want my channel to be about analysis and discussion, I still want to move towards my dream of a research lab where I can do experiments into all of this stuff. But realistically it’s gonna need to start small and with some basic experiments being done in a very basic garage shop setting, which I am still working my way towards.

But for the meantime, I am just going back to work at my day job in construction, which pays a heck of a lot better than YouTube ever since Google Adsense started going after conspiracy channels, and it pays much better than any glorified technician job I’ve ever been able to land with my Bachelor’s degree in Physics… Believe it or not. The jobs just aren’t out there… Or the jobs are there but the pay sucks, or you’re working with a bunch of lazy trash talking idiots who steal all your best ideas and then conspire to get you fired before you can put their jobs at risk by making them look like the fools they are.. I’ve seen it all, trying to find somewhere I can fit in with my aggressive and hard-working attitude, and construction is a good fit. Fast paced, high energy, good pay and benefits, get to use math and geometry and build things that will be looked at and used for generations.

I’ve been building things (and taking them apart) my entire life, and I’ve tried to accumulate hands-on start-to-finish job experience on nearly all aspects and types of residential and commercial construction, so that when the time comes, I can purchase a piece of land and build my own house with a decent sized garage to contain my laboratory and machine shop, where I can build and do my own experiments.

I think this is a much more realistic goal than what we were attempting to do with Hover Brothers. There’s just too much instability with a partnership, or a joint venture. Especially with a mental case like Ken turned out to be.

So good bye Ken, good bye Hover Brothers, welcome back AlienScientist, here’s some things I’d like to get working on right away:

1. I’ve been watching some videos recently on theories about the Egyptian Was Scepter being an ancient stone cutting tool using a gem embedded copper tip vibrated by some sort of tuning fork device on the end of a stick. So I want to do some experiments with vibrating copper tips at various frequencies and amplitudes being vibrated against different types of rock. I also want to try embedding the copper with other materials such as silicon carbide, or diamond dust. I would also like to set up some experiments with machine automated quarry work to grind and shaped stones using similar high speed vibration techniques by tuning the cutting head to the resonant frequency of the stone being cut. And I want to collect and publish data on these experiments.

2. Gravity Drop tests and mass modification experiments. During some of the past Hover Brothers livestreams where I was talking to independent gravity researcher William Alek, he drew my attention to some very easy to perform drop tests involving magnets with high levels of stored potential energy. I would very much like to acquire some neodymium magnets and attempt these experiments on my own.

3. Does the Biefeld Brown effect really work in a vacuum? This has been a recurring question and issue for the independent antigravity research community, and I would like to perform some detailed tests to see exactly what is going on with this effect, at a variety of electrostatic potentials, in order to determine if vacuum polarization of quantum field particles

Introducing The Future of Flight

On Christmas morning 2017 we released the PhOENIX... A new theory of physics which solves the anti-matter / matter asymmetry puzzle, and leads us to an entirely new way of looking at particles and their interactions.

Please visit:! and start discovering your universe!

Former Area 51 Employee Edgar Fouche Dead at 69

February 22, 1948 - May 11, 2017

As many of you know Ed and I were once good friends, who turned into bitter rivals over the loss of the old AlienScientist Forums. I have since forgiven Ed for the things he did to me, and have been working to put a lot of his material back online.

Click Here to learn more about Edgar Fouche's life and Disclosures, including my personal experiences with him and my ongoing analysis of the information he provided us with.

Click Here For the documented proof that he was a real former AREA 51 employee, including a history of his military career.

The Aurora Project and Black Triangles:

Along with the material from Ed Fouche, I'm going to be putting out more material on US Military experimentation with Triangular aircraft, and some of advanced propulsion technologies that are behind them.

Click Here for more information on Aurora, Black Triangles, and the TR-3B. I am still compiling footage and information, so stay tuned for more!

The Science of Truth

On the Essence of Truth By Martin Heidegger.
The German translation and Heidegger's use of specifically defined terms can make this text a bit difficult to follow without some basic introduction, but it is a meticulously precise understanding and definition of truth.

Fact vs. Opinion

The difference between fact and opinion is something that most of us learn in Elementary School. At the HS/college level these concepts of fact and opinion are abstracted to the notions of objectivity (fact) and subjectivity (opinion). Opinions can even be abstracted further into Ideologies, as all individuals hold a system of different opinions and knowledge about different types of subject matter. Popular ideologies such as religion are often used to manipulate as well as communicate with people through an understanding of the beliefs and opinions of these groups. Ideological Disinformation is an exploit of the weaknesses of opinionated thinkers. Scientific thinking is against our human nature, and as scientists or skeptical inquirers we must train ourselves to throw away all our appeals to opinions and beliefs, and trust only what can be proven fact by experiment, or evidence.

Logical Fallacies

If you haven't read through the Wikipedia article on Logical Fallacies yet, please take the time and do so.

The main thing logical fallacies teach us is that the only valid arguments are those that use appeal to evidence, or appeal to nature, or experiment.

The Scientific Method

According to Wikipedia:

The scientific method is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry must be based on empirical and measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning. The Oxford English Dictionary says that scientific method is: "a method or procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses."

Healthy Skepticism

If the Wright Brothers had listenend to the skeptics, they would have never built the world's first airplane!

It is healthy to have a hunch, and I always recommend following your gut instinct. Albert Einstein himself said "Imagination is more important than knowledge", and it perfectly acceptable and healthy to let your mind wander freely. However, when it come to evaluating fact from fiction, I must agree it is always better to be skeptical, than it is to just believe in things. The skeptical approach is a safer approach: assume it's total BS until you can prove it otherwise. But that doesn't mean reject everything outright. Keep an open mind to the possibilities, and always look at both sides and try to keep your judgements fair and balanced.

Skepticism or scepticism (American/British spelling differences) is generally any questioning attitude towards knowledge, facts, or opinions/beliefs stated as facts, or doubt regarding claims that are taken for granted elsewhere.

Philosophical skepticism is an overall approach that requires all information to be well supported by evidence. Classical philosophical skepticism derives from the 'Skeptikoi', a school who "asserted nothing".

Precision over Ego

Admit when you are wrong! Be thrilled by it, actively seek to disprove everything you think you know, and be glad when someone can show you that you are wrong.

Human beings have a natural tendency to attach their beliefs to their own ego. They correlate their worldhood and knowledge with their own personal identity. An attack on their ideas, becomes an attack against them.

I have often been wrong many times in my life about many different things. This is why I tell people to "do your own research" because, I don't always get everything right. I am also never afraid to admit to my mistakes, in fact I love when my audience points them out. I learn as much from you guys as you learn from me.

I call this "precision over ego" because it is more important to have precise information, than it is to protect your own ego. Being afraid to admit your mistakes because you fear how others will perceive you is no way to find the real truth.

It's ok to say "I don't know"! In fact, that is preferable to making up something or pretending like you know. Throw away the ego, don't be afraid to admit when you are wrong.

"You can't convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it's based on a deep seated need to believe." - Carl Sagan

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