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Exploring the Greatest Scientific Controversies of the 20-21st Century

The goal of" is to help humanity make the transition to a Type 1 Civilization (Kardashev Scale) mainly through the implementation of new technologies. (with a focus on Energy, Transportation, Communication, and Space Technologies)

"Alien" also means "foreign" or "outside the norm"... It's unfortunate that when most people hear the word "alien" they think "little green men"... In that regard I guess I'd say I'm more Scientist than alien...

The "AlienScientist" began as the idea that we must think 10, 20, a thousand years into the future... To what an Alien Scientist from a futuristic space-faring civlization might think... It then merged into an exploration of any Scientific Controversy which has become alienated in the accepted realm of scientific discussion.

The goal of AlienScientist, is to teach the tools of Science & Intelligence, namely "experiment", and "appeal to Nature" or "appeal to evidence", in order to eliminate bias sort through disinfo and correctly arrive at the Truth, while viewing technology as a means to free and protect humanity from imminent greed-driven self destruction of our planet/species.

"Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has, as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity."
- Nikola Tesla -1919

Scientific Controversy and The Search for Truth

I am on a search for the truth, and science is my tool I use to find it. I am well known for tackling highly controversial issues and technologies, while drawing attention to how scientists or other people with invested business interests might act in a manner that impedes global scientific progress in cases where buying out or suppressing certain technologies or other markets when it protects or furthers their business interests. Bias in scientific studies is a serious problem in today's caplitalist society. We have Medical Scientists picking methods of data analysis that appear to give them the "better" results. We know Scientific journals prefer to publish experiments that have rather positive than negative results. This causes a bias on what scientists choose as objects of study and how they design their experiments. We have the Government suppressing medical studies on Marijuana because the studies gave results which conflicted with the perception of the drug that they wanted the public to have. We have the National Institute of Standards and Technology claiming that for the first time in history 3 unique fire-induced building collapse anomalies all took place on the same day, even though a similar event has never happened in 100 years of consturction/fire history! What does all this say about the current effects of Politics on Science? When the biggest paying scientific industries are the corporations, and there is so much cross-over between the interests of the corporation or establishment and the interests of the scientists performing the experiments, especially when their results or findings might greatly conflict with the establishment/corporation's goals.

I cover topics most scientists won't touch

Warning: These subjects will destroy your career if you get involved in them! This information is likely to change your world view drastically, including the way you view people, politics, world events, human history, etc. There is a reason they don't teach this kind of information in schools or talk about it on TV. Because this is information that could change the world, and that makes it scary to some people.

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"Science is magic that works." - Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle.

News and Current Events

PhOENIX and the Rebirth of Physics

Right now in mainstream physics, there is a massive revolution about to take place. An exodus away from 40 years of wasted energy on string theory and other failed theories like loop quantum gravity, towards the realization that quantum entanglement somehow holds the key secret to quantum gravity. The physics community is about to discover how gravity really works on both a quantum and a cosmological level and right now, the race is on. Because the first person or group out there to come up with a correct theory of quantum gravity via quantum entanglement, will not only reveal the secret mechanism by which gravity operates. But, they will also reveal how to turn it off, and how to freely manipulate its direction and magnitude at will. And that ladies and gentleman, is very likely to spark a radical phase change in our technology. This is the so called “Quantum Leap” that we’ve all been waiting for.

The year 2020 is right around the corner and as children of the space age we were promised hover-boards, flying cars, millennium falcons, and all sorts of other cool stuff that for some reason never happened... But now things are finally coming into focus for many within mainstream physics who have been following the recent developments on quantum gravity and entanglement. And they are quickly realizing that we are on the verge of one of the most incredible breakthroughs in physics since Einstein and Neils Bohr.

For Einstein, the central problem of the Quanta, was that they could be entangled and therefor function as a unified Whole across limitless distances of space and time. Violating a fundamental principal of general relativity theory: the constancy and finiteness of the speed of light in a vacuum. Einstein and his coauthors Rosen & Podolsky mocked the concept of quantum entanglement by calling it “Spooky action at a distance” and demonstrated how it conflicted with the theory General Relativity. For if quantum entanglement were true, then relativity must be wrong... In physics we call this the EPR paradox.

and when the Alain Aspect entanglement experiments of the 1970s demonstrated that Einstein was wrong (about that aspect anyway) physics began its search for a reformulation of General Relativity Theory, to rectify this discrepency… Enter String Theory, Loop Quantum Gravity, and the like… This is the crisis in physics right now, and there is an overall sense that we are on the verge of a major breaking point once we untangle this whole entanglement business. Just like the discovery of Quantum Mechanics brought about the advent of radio, television, cathode ray tubes, the transistor, solid state electronics, computers, etc. this new discovery promises to usher in yet another golden age of technologies beyond our wildest dreams. Only science fiction has remotely come close to predicting this shift. Welcome to the era of entanglement. We are about to nail down gravity with an exact theory of what physics really is and it’s about to unleash a tidal wave of new technologies.

Back in December of 2015 Stephen Wolfram Published an article on his blog titled “What is space time, really?” In this article he masterfully outlines a new computational framework for looking at our Universe and a path which he believes could lead to a complete theory of physics, unifying quantum physics and relativity, through finding the most simplistic discrete building blocks and rules for the known universe, using an algorithmic method similar to what he wrote about in “A New Kind of Science”, his fascinating 1,000+ page tome on how highly complex patterns could emerge from simple 1 dimensional, 2 bit systems using basic iteration algorithms. Stephen Woflram is the creator of Woflram Alpha - a powerful mathematical internet search tool, Mathematica - a very powerful mathematical modeling software used by practically every physicist and engineer out there, and he is basically the pope of Computer Science. In this article he proposed that a new model of unified physics might be generated by using simple computational algorithms, only in 3D instead of 1. He talks about some of the key mathematical tools for constructing networks: things like knots, nodes, and graphs which are all integral parts of this new theory I’m about to present to you here today. Stephen doesn’t realize just how close he actually came to discovering it.

My friend and fellow physicist Ken Griggs, a recurring guest here on my channel, began researching quantum entanglement and discrete theories of quantum gravity 20 years ago, and his research independently lead him along a nearly identical approach to physics as Wolfram described here in 2015. “The Traditional Instinct would be to start from existing physics and try to reverse engineer rules that could reproduce it.” So what I’m about to show you here, is what you need to put in your computer program to get our universe, and some of the basic puzzle required to build this new model of physics and solve all the problems with the current standard model. This new way of doing physics will eventually become the new standard model, and will replace the old quantum field theory in due time.

PhOENIX is the Physics of Entanglements, Networks, and Information eXchanges. The theory was developed by Ken and a few other colleagues over the past 20 years and is rooted in decades of topology and combinatorics work by our friends in the math world. Tools that didn’t exist 40 years ago. PhOENIX treats all of elementary particle physics as a series of entangled vertices connected by simple matching rules. And these vertices with lines connecting them are, in fact, just another way of visually representing particles and their respective matrices; we call them graphs. This is why matrix mechanics works so well for describing quantum theory, and the higher order graphs also explain away dark matter as the inert matrix formations which don’t interact with normal matter but still gravitate. There are even bigger cosmological implications, but we’ll save that for another video.

Let’s begin with a fundamental question: What is a Measurement?
PhOENIX says that, when a physicist goes out into nature and performs a measurement, what he is essentially doing is counting structures. And his tools of the trade (his mathematics and laboratory instruments) are simply: methods that work for counting those structures.
What the ancient Greek philosophers were speaking to when they talked about the "atomos", was the idea of the most basic, indivisible structures in nature. As it turns out there was something smaller than 'atoms', those atoms are composed of protons and neutrons which are in turn composed of quarks which one would assume are composed of something much more basic and purely mathematical. And that line of thinking lead US to vertices, a vertex is the essence of the atomos. Vertices ARE the most basic building blocks of the universe and what we should now be calling ‘atoms’ in place of atomic nuclei. In order to begin building networks and graphs we need to first understand some rules for how these vertices can be connected or entangled with one another.

So let’s start with a single vertex with 3 degrees of freedom, we’ll call each leg x, y, and z for visualization purposes. and say that in each of these degrees of freedom, our vertex is either connected back to itself positively (a loop), entangled with another vertex (an edge), or connected to itself negatively (designated by an arrow). From this we can come up with a map of all the different combinations of possible sing vertex connections, and we find that there are ten possibilities or ten single-vertex building blocks or atoms.

If you begin to play around with this new set of building blocks, observing some basic rules, you’ll discover a system of interactions which looks exactly like particle physics with electrons and positrons, up and down quarks, and the W+ and W- particles associated with weak nuclear interactions. Here we have electroweak unification (top row), and here we have strong nuclear force unification (up and down quarks).

At the fundamental level of physics, all matter in the known universe is simply bundles of vertices tied together in these entangled states, which communicate and interact through a massive web of iterating information exchanges mediated by photons bouncing off of electrons and other particles. Like a giant entangled tapestry which threads all the universe together. The Force of Gravity or quantum gravity is now being understood as a sort of entropy which evolves out of quantum entanglement in higher order systems.

So case in point: If quantum entanglement holds the key to quantum gravity, the best way to test that theory is to shut off quantum entanglement and see what happens to gravity. And PhOENIX theory has now given us a working theoretical basis on which to build and achieve just that.

According to PhOENIX, Antimatter is not quite what we thought it was, of course, scientists still don’t even know what antimatter really is or how it works. Antimatter is built upon the same vertex structure as matter, but it differs in the way that it entangles outwardly to the rest of the universe, (this is that ‘second notion of time’ that all these theorists are still struggling to explain). Antimatter terminates itself in time reverse to ordinary matter. It has the same entangled structure as ordinary matter except that the loops are replaced with arrows. In the matrix form, the numbers become negative. This theory not only shows us what antimatter is, it also makes new predictions on what it can be used for, Antimatter according to PhOENIX actually breaks the entanglement between ordinary matter across that boundary and terminates the ends of the thread so to speak. It isolates you inside of a negative block on the matrix. So by exploiting this quantum disentangling property of antimatter, surrounding the surface of an object with a veil of antimatter, we can theoretically disentangle regions of space-time, thereby reducing, negating, or reversing the effects of gravity locally within that bubble.

We now know how the Dirac Holes, or Negative Energy States create the conditions necessary for the Alcubierre Warp Drive Theory to work at much lower energy states than previously predicted, and now we want your help to actually build one. The Dirac Sea is nothing more than a nest of entangled vertices. These are not infinities Ladies and Gentlemen, grab your surf boards we’re gonna ride some new waves. This type of technology is coming very soon, and with PhOENIX Theory we have a unique 20 year advantage on that market.

One of the first experiments we would like to perform, based on predictions of the theory, will be levitating a mass of silicate crystals using a combination of lasers, magnetic fields, and our patent pending proprietary antimatter production and confinement technology. In other words, we are going to float rocks, and not just small rocks either. We also want to be a backup test bed and, second party verification system for other groups out there attempting to break the mold with new technologies and those who may have discovered new things but don’t yet fully understand the physics behind them. We want to bring clarity to these fields of research with real science and real experiments. It's time for us to step away from the black board or the video editor and step into the laboratory and really start getting down to business on all this science and technology that we keep talking about, but still aren’t doing anything about... Talk is cheap, and good quality hard work isn’t. But it can pay off for the investors, if they are getting back what they paid for. And right now, there’s a lot of money and attention being given to false prophets and leaders who have yet to show us anything new, or remarkable in terms of science or physics, and from our perspective do not have the right type of direction, insights, work ethic, or integrity to accomplish this goal of unifying our technology with that of advanced civilizations. With new physics… which they don’t have. We do. I am tired of watching frauds and charlatans steal people’s money by selling them dreams that they couldn’t possibly deliver. You can’t meet with aerospace companies and have serious talks about building a craft without first testing the technology for others to see and developing a proof of concept to work off of. Right now there is a serious lack of a solid foundation in science and experiment and we want to step up and fill that void, and supply that foundation.

So Ken and I have been talking and we have decided to team up and launch an open-source privately owned LLC dedicated to the advancement of humanity through the research and development of advanced propulsion and energy technologies based on insights from PhOENIX. This company will start small as a laboratory and intellectual property lease holding company, and will eventually blossom into a full-on aerospace production company. Not an entertainment company. We have a new way of doing physics based on quantum entanglement and we want to use it to develop the cutting edge of real, highly advanced propulsion and energy technologies. Well beyond anything that’s ever been done before. To get involved, contribute to the cause, and learn more about the theory… visit our website at: HoverBrothers is a co-ed, multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-oriented, diversity embracing international collaboration on future space technologies. In 1895 one of the world’s foremost authorities on science and technology, Lord Baron von Kelvin famously remarked “I can state flatly that heavier than air flying machines (Airplanes) are impossible”, just eight years later in 1903 two brothers who owned a bicycle company in Ohio, and happened to have just the right physics models, were able to prove the entire world wrong and jump start an entire new era of technology. But it all started with that one proof of concept at Kittyhawk that changed the world forever. …and just like the wright brothers, Hover Brothers is about to usher in a whole new age of science and technology of the people, by the people, and for the people.

If there was ever a time or a cause, that was more important or pivotal to human history, our development, our understanding of gravity and the universe, and the very real possibility of finding solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems. That time is NOW. This is happening. The most important thing you can do to help, is to share this video. Spread it like wildfire. Share, share, and share it again a week from now.

Until every physicist and mathematician in the world has seen it and actually sat down with the graphs and matrices and experimented with the new structure of particle physics we are presenting here in this video and in the paper on the website. Which is the first of 3 groundbreaking papers on PhOENIX we will be releasing in the near future. In this first paper we show you how PhOENIX derives Special Relativity Theory. The Second paper will show you how to derive quantum field theory, and then the 3rd and final paper will derive the holy grail of quantum gravity.

I hope you’re all ready for it. Because play time is over. It’s time to get down to business.

HoverBrothers will succeed for the same reason others have failed, we have the PhOENIX, and we’re not afraid to use it or share a little taste of what it can do for us, now that this Disclosure has been made public. We look forward to answering your questions, your emails, and working with you to kick start this revolution for REAL.

To mark this momentous event, we are releasing the first of three revolutionary papers on PhOENIX (Click Here). In this paper entitled Combinatorial Relativity Theory in PhOENIX, we explicitly derive Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity from combinatorial first principles, and in so doing spark the revolution of PhOENIX.

Introducing The Future of Flight

On Christmas morning 2017 we released the PhOENIX... A new theory of physics which solves the anti-matter / matter asymmetry puzzle, and leads us to an entirely new way of looking at particles and their interactions.

Please visit:! and start discovering your universe!

Former Area 51 Employee Edgar Fouche Dead at 69

February 22, 1948 - May 11, 2017

As many of you know Ed and I were once good friends, who turned into bitter rivals over the loss of the old AlienScientist Forums. I have since forgiven Ed for the things he did to me, and have been working to put a lot of his material back online.

Click Here to learn more about Edgar Fouche's life and Disclosures, including my personal experiences with him and my ongoing analysis of the information he provided us with.

Click Here For the documented proof that he was a real former AREA 51 employee, including a history of his military career.

The Aurora Project and Black Triangles:

Along with the material from Ed Fouche, I'm going to be putting out more material on US Military experimentation with Triangular aircraft, and some of advanced propulsion technologies that are behind them.

Click Here for more information on Aurora, Black Triangles, and the TR-3B. I am still compiling footage and information, so stay tuned for more!

The Science of Truth

On the Essence of Truth By Martin Heidegger.
The German translation and Heidegger's use of specifically defined terms can make this text a bit difficult to follow without some basic introduction, but it is a meticulously precise understanding and definition of truth.

Fact vs. Opinion

The difference between fact and opinion is something that most of us learn in Elementary School. At the HS/college level these concepts of fact and opinion are abstracted to the notions of objectivity (fact) and subjectivity (opinion). Opinions can even be abstracted further into Ideologies, as all individuals hold a system of different opinions and knowledge about different types of subject matter. Popular ideologies such as religion are often used to manipulate as well as communicate with people through an understanding of the beliefs and opinions of these groups. Ideological Disinformation is an exploit of the weaknesses of opinionated thinkers. Scientific thinking is against our human nature, and as scientists or skeptical inquirers we must train ourselves to throw away all our appeals to opinions and beliefs, and trust only what can be proven fact by experiment, or evidence.

Logical Fallacies

If you haven't read through the Wikipedia article on Logical Fallacies yet, please take the time and do so.

The main thing logical fallacies teach us is that the only valid arguments are those that use appeal to evidence, or appeal to nature, or experiment.

The Scientific Method

According to Wikipedia:

The scientific method is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry must be based on empirical and measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning. The Oxford English Dictionary says that scientific method is: "a method or procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses."

Healthy Skepticism

If the Wright Brothers had listenend to the skeptics, they would have never built the world's first airplane!

It is healthy to have a hunch, and I always recommend following your gut instinct. Albert Einstein himself said "Imagination is more important than knowledge", and it perfectly acceptable and healthy to let your mind wander freely. However, when it come to evaluating fact from fiction, I must agree it is always better to be skeptical, than it is to just believe in things. The skeptical approach is a safer approach: assume it's total BS until you can prove it otherwise. But that doesn't mean reject everything outright. Keep an open mind to the possibilities, and always look at both sides and try to keep your judgements fair and balanced.

Skepticism or scepticism (American/British spelling differences) is generally any questioning attitude towards knowledge, facts, or opinions/beliefs stated as facts, or doubt regarding claims that are taken for granted elsewhere.

Philosophical skepticism is an overall approach that requires all information to be well supported by evidence. Classical philosophical skepticism derives from the 'Skeptikoi', a school who "asserted nothing".

Precision over Ego

Admit when you are wrong! Be thrilled by it, actively seek to disprove everything you think you know, and be glad when someone can show you that you are wrong.

Human beings have a natural tendency to attach their beliefs to their own ego. They correlate their worldhood and knowledge with their own personal identity. An attack on their ideas, becomes an attack against them.

I have often been wrong many times in my life about many different things. This is why I tell people to "do your own research" because, I don't always get everything right. I am also never afraid to admit to my mistakes, in fact I love when my audience points them out. I learn as much from you guys as you learn from me.

I call this "precision over ego" because it is more important to have precise information, than it is to protect your own ego. Being afraid to admit your mistakes because you fear how others will perceive you is no way to find the real truth.

It's ok to say "I don't know"! In fact, that is preferable to making up something or pretending like you know. Throw away the ego, don't be afraid to admit when you are wrong.

"You can't convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it's based on a deep seated need to believe." - Carl Sagan

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