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Exploring the Greatest Scientific Controversies of the 20-21st Century

The goal of" is to help humanity make the transition to a Type 1 Civilization (Kardashev Scale) mainly through the implementation of new technologies. (with a focus on Energy, Transportation, Communication, and Space Technologies)

"Alien" also means "foreign" or "outside the norm"... It's unfortunate that when most people hear the word "alien" they think "little green men"... In that regard I guess I'd say I'm more Scientist than alien...

The "AlienScientist" began as the idea that we must think 10, 20, a thousand years into the future... To what an Alien Scientist from a futuristic space-faring civlization might think... It then merged into an exploration of any Scientific Controversy which has become alienated in the accepted realm of scientific discussion.

The goal of AlienScientist, is to teach the tools of Science & Intelligence, namely "experiment", and "appeal to Nature" or "appeal to evidence", in order to eliminate bias sort through disinfo and correctly arrive at the Truth, while viewing technology as a means to free and protect humanity from imminent greed-driven self destruction of our planet/species.

"Science is but a perversion of itself unless it has, as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity."
- Nikola Tesla -1919

Scientific Controversy and The Search for Truth

I am on a search for the truth, and science is my tool I use to find it. I am well known for tackling highly controversial issues and technologies, while drawing attention to how scientists or other people with invested business interests might act in a manner that impedes global scientific progress in cases where buying out or suppressing certain technologies or other markets when it protects or furthers their business interests. Bias in scientific studies is a serious problem in today's caplitalist society. We have Medical Scientists picking methods of data analysis that appear to give them the "better" results. We know Scientific journals prefer to publish experiments that have rather positive than negative results. This causes a bias on what scientists choose as objects of study and how they design their experiments. We have the Government suppressing medical studies on Marijuana because the studies gave results which conflicted with the perception of the drug that they wanted the public to have. We have the National Institute of Standards and Technology claiming that for the first time in history 3 unique fire-induced building collapse anomalies all took place on the same day, even though a similar event has never happened in 100 years of consturction/fire history! What does all this say about the current effects of Politics on Science? When the biggest paying scientific industries are the corporations, and there is so much cross-over between the interests of the corporation or establishment and the interests of the scientists performing the experiments, especially when their results or findings might greatly conflict with the establishment/corporation's goals.

  • Projects - What other people are doing do to help our species transition smoothly to complete sustainability.
  • Conspiracy - Exposing the "terrorists" who are holding us back from Ascension.
  • Technology - List of the most important technologies for the future.
  • Educational - A complete undergraduate physics major's study guide.
  • Intelligence - What is intelligence? Why is it important? How does it work?
  • Aliens - Exopolitics, Contact Protocols, Disclosure, and the ongoing search for truth.
  • Debunk Bin - The place for hoaxers, bad science, and wrong ideas.

"Science is magic that works." - Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle.

News and Current Events

AlienScientist Update 2017

What?s up YouTube? Just wanted to check back in after a long period of inactivity with my channel and let everyone know what I?ve been up to and some of my plans for future videos. There are a few reasons I fell off making videos for so long, and I will explain that all later on in this video. The big one is, I have a kid now, so I?m a lot more, busy than I used to be. There are some really cool topics I?ve been researching lately and I wanted to see what people were most interested in, so I can plan some future videos accordingly. So here it goes.

Topic #1. Moon Base Construction Droids. I basically want to start a gofundme to design, build, and send sandbagging construction droids to the Moon to start building the foundations for future moon bases.

Establishing a permanent international docking station on the moon should have been our next plan of action after the first Apollo landing missions and the International Space Station currently in orbit around earth. The Apollo program continued way longer than it should have, mainly because the required robotics and automation technology of the 1970?s couldn?t compete with the skill and ability of human pilots.

But in today?s world of modern micro-electronics and 3D Printer technology, I can?t help but asking: Why are we not sending more machines to the moon? And building up there? Or more importantly, why isn?t every millionaire and billionaire on this overpopulated and shrinking planet investing in these droids and buying up chunks of the moon like spaces on a monopoly board? Throwing down on some houses and a ?Hotel Tranquility??

Sorry NASA, but the idea of sending humans to Mars in 2030 is just plain stupid? It?s going to be insanely difficult, a huge waste of money, and will provide almost zero benefit to the human race or the scientific advancement of our species beyond what we are already learning from our rover missions. Before we even start thinking about Mars missions, we should have an established moon base to launch those missions from. And before we start shipping humans to Mars, we should probably first have some type of base set up there? Don?t you think that would be a smarter first step?

I mean, what would it actually take to convince people that we need to start actually doing this? Like immediately? If someone discovered oil on Mars it would already be a thing? As a child of the 80s who graduated High School in the year 2000 I really was amazed that Bases on the Moon never actually became a thing, when there used to be so much talk of it among futurists. I thought that surely by 2020 NASA would be doing this. But then 9/11 happened, and everything completely changed. NASA shut down the Space Shuttle Program, private space industry began to take off, and a series of failures and disasters lost NASA some critical missions and set them back years, if not decades.

I really don?t know what the Directors at NASA were thinking? their reasons for doing this are almost certainly political and financial. I really don?t think they actually polled anyone within the scientific community on what direction to take next. They probably thought it would be like the moon landings of Apollo but with Mars, only minus the charismatic president to promote it? Sorry again NASA, but Donald Trump is a business man, and if you want full on presidential promotion for your agency again, the only way to do it is to sell the Don on this Moon Base Monopoly Board Business, and that all begins with designing, building, and testing of these Foundation Settlement Droids, whether it?s sandbaggers and stackers, block/brick cutters and layers, or tunnel diggers with super heated cavern wall rock vitrification technology. Whatever the best design is, we should hold a competition or fund an X-Prize to find the best and most effective design. There are already companies out there working with and building with these technologies as well as Universities doing a broad spectrum of relevant research. With some crowd-funding and a serious campaign we could build a fully automated fold-out production yard, and get something running on the moon within the next 10-15 years. Moon bases are much more realistic, much more practical, and much more rewarding than sending humans to Mars. So lay off the Hollywood NASA forget Mars for a little while and let?s shoot for the moon first.

Am I the only one here? Or does anyone else think this is maybe an idea worth pursuing?

Ok Topic # 2 That I?ve been researching is the Lost Continent of Mu? It seems the search for the lost island of Atlantis has turned to the ancient Pacific and expanded from a lost island to an entire lost continent? Oh but it get?s better, there are legends of a race of Giants that came from Mu, and migrated to surrounding islands including South America, with whom they shared the technology to lift very heavy stones. The house of Taga in Guam is one example. It was built atop massive megalithic pillars. But was Taga really a Giant? Or Nephilim, as the Legends suggest? Did his ancestors come from Mu? Perhaps there is some genome sequencing data on these pacific islanders with some hard scientific evidence? According to legends the continent of Mu was the remnants of an ancient lava bubble formed in the earth?s crust long ago. The continent was a thin plate of hardened volcanic rock that was hollow or had ocean beneath, like an underground sea. Either a meteor an earthquake or some other cataclysmic event caused the roof of this massive cavern to collapse, sinking Mu into what is now the Pacific Ocean.

From what I?m reading, the established, or establishment scientists and historians are claiming that the entire Pacific Ocean floor is Sial, aka ledgerock or granite crust and not volcanic rock like one would expect to see in a floating magma bubble continent formed above a large pocket of heated gas in the earth?s crust. The burden of truth for this legend lies in a debate over location and geology. Where exactly was Mu located, and what type of Geological evidence is there to support it? And then when we go looking there, do we actually find anything? I know this sounds like the type of thing Discovery or History Channel would do a Reality TV show on? I?m surprised Ancient Aliens hasn?t sent a crew on a season-long pacific sea voyage and geological expedition to perform deep-sea rock floor sampling around geographical hotspots to test this Sial Rock Mu debunking hypothesis which would be the burden of proof these scientists and historians need to be convinced that such a place as Mu might have actually existed. I could totally see Ancient Aliens doing an interview with natives for all the craziest folklore and combine it with some eerily mixed tribal music, and some creepy clips of aliens and giants? And believe me, I?ve already heard enough crazy folklore surrounding Mu, one could easily make a mini-documentary on this topic.

Please let me know if that would be something you would watch or you think would be a good use of my time to explore or pursue.

Ok, and finally Topic #3,

I really want to make more debunking videos, exposing more trendy wide eyed bullshit, while pointing people towards real information. As much as I get hated for shattering the mold of a typical internet conspiracy theorist, and challenging people?s beliefs, both within and outside the community, I really think it?s necessary sometimes. I obviously don?t have the time to touch every single topic out there, I research a lot of different stuff, and I have my own unique background and perspective. The reason I started producing videos is because I could see things that others did not, and I would find things with my research that others apparently missed or weren?t talking about.

Part of the reason I fell off making YouTube videos for the past year or so, is because telling the truth is not popular or profitable. So my question to you is: Should I even waste my time doing in-depth personal investigations and exposing the bullshit? Or should I just ignore it all and focus on more productive topics like advanced technologies, and the future?

I was shocked at my audience?s reaction to my videos on the Boston Marathon Bombing conspiracy. While a select few praised my work, and thanked me, the majority rejected the research and chastised me as a shill. Sorry but, I lived in Boston and worked in Watertown and I am familiar with these areas. As soon as the city re-opened to the public, I was there on the scene collecting evidence from a skeptic?s point of view. I found zero evidence to support any of the most popular online theories, and believe you me I was looking for it hard. I actually went the extra mile to dig up evidence which disproved most of the more popular theories, properly identifying, tracking, and clearing a list of suspects from false allegations.

I thought I had done an excellent job with my investigations and so did many of my more intelligent followers, but the video was my least popular ever. I received threats, verbal abuse, and a lot of pissed off and angry subscribers, calling me all sorts of names, while presenting absolutely no evidence, and only pointing me to ridiculous channels filled with hour long videos of assorted crisis actor nonsense mixed with technical and official sounding medical jargon to make it seem more believable to know-nothing gullible idiots? It really made me lose my faith in humanity, that so many people could actually believe something so stupid. But now I realize something about my audience demographics. I have 15+ years of research and probably 50 IQ points on most of these kids who put out this crap and somehow manage to get popular, because they are fast at producing wide-eyed bullshit.

Sorry, my videos take me months, sometimes years to produce? and when the costs were not worth the benefits, production came to a hault, and I stopped making videos. It?s very difficult to compete with all the disinfo propaganda mills out there. I?ve called into their shows a few times to confront them with real information and I am amazed at their responses and how their viewers don?t pick up on facts very easily.

I will admit I have been wrong and fallen down some of these disinfo traps myself and have accidentally published erroneous information which has, undoubtedly, mislead others. There is quite a bit of older material I really should go back delete, remake, and re-release because it contains small errors. I?ve tried my best to go back and add annotations wherever I have found incorrect information, but a simple click in YouTube video settings makes the annotations disappear? and some people use my videos as background music and don?t actually look at the video or read the words when they pop up. My videos are also copied and posted elsewhere without corrections, undoubtedly misinforming countless people. What can I do? It?s media. Fake News is out there misinforming people everyday.

I am sure nearly every single video producer on the internet feels like this at some point in their career, and I?m also pretty sure that the other, ?more successful? channel producers out there just say, forget that line of thinking entirely! Never admit that you were wrong, and just keep making new videos on new popular topics and don?t go back to old unpopular ones. This seems to be the model for success on YouTube, at least, success in viewership and subscribership. I?ve never really spoken about this, but I think it really important for people out there on YouTube or the receiving end of any media, to understand: The more views (as well as positive ratings) your video or channel gets, the more it will continue to get bumped up in search results, the more subscribers it will bring to your channel, and the more people who will watch future videos you produce.

Any time you take down, redo, or repost a video to improve it or correct a mistake (as I have done in the past) you never get the same number of views or popularity back, in fact it completely kills the video. The majority of your subscribers who see it pop up again will say, oh I already watched that... and move on to the next newest more exciting topic in their feed. Your channel ratings and viewership will shrink and you will have completely your wasted time that you could have instead spent making a new video on a new exciting and more entertaining topic that WILL generate more viewership for your channel. Vote manipulation is a real and prevalent force on the internet, so votes and ratings don?t matter nearly as much as viewership. This is obvious when you look at all the bait-click videos on YouTube that get super popular, for no reason, other than to sell advertisements. YouTube has no incentive to take these kinds of videos down, because they generate revenue. There is zero incentive to correct false information, and this is the reality of everything you watch here on YouTube.

So many sacrifices in accuracy must be made to put a video out quickly. But in the age of the internet with a hot new topic and an information vacuum, quickness is really all that matters, and after that is entertainment.

All I can hope for is that the truth is known in the end. If you refuse to acknowledge and correct your mistakes, you will never learn or grow. Your mind will fester and rot inside the lies you defend. A false foundation builds into a false structure. It?s easier to fool people than to convince them they?ve been fooled, and in the age of the internet it?s all about timing, titling, and attention spans. Not accuracy.

Another thing I have noticed, is that any time you reverse your position on something, or come out and say ?hey, I think I messed something up?, instead of gaining credibility for being honest, you actually lose credibility and followers. So that should tell you something about all the ?Gurus? here on YouTube, which people come to trust as go-to sources. Always question the information, check differing opinions, and check new information. Draw your own conclusions. Get a wide range of opinions and information before drawing conclusions.

So topic # 3 would be to focus my efforts new debunking videos exposing misinformation and lies, and I have 2 sub-topics within this that I could pick as subjects to do future videos on.

Now that the Boston Bomber?s trial is over, I could start filing FOIA requests, and put together a serious archive and documentary on the subject. Get all the security cam footage from Boylston Street, and whatever else the DA used as State?s Evidence during trial. I could also go after the medical evidence for all the idiots that still believe they were all crisis actors, and not real bombs. I was on scene. I saw the blast damage first hand and documented what was left of it.

I have also gotten a lot of requests to make a video on my Bob Lazar debunk material. Bob Lazar is one of the most popular cases in UFOlogy, an alleged former Area 51 employee who says he was hired as a physicist to reverse engineer alien saucer technology. I could put together a 15 minute video absolutely destroying his credibility, from his educational background, to his theories on element 115. Please let me know in the comments below whether or not you think that would be a good use of my time.

The Science of Truth

On the Essence of Truth By Martin Heidegger.
The German translation and Heidegger's use of specifically defined terms can make this text a bit difficult to follow without some basic introduction, but it is a meticulously precise understanding and definition of truth.

Fact vs. Opinion

The difference between fact and opinion is something that most of us learn in Elementary School. At the HS/college level these concepts of fact and opinion are abstracted to the notions of objectivity (fact) and subjectivity (opinion). Opinions can even be abstracted further into Ideologies, as all individuals hold a system of different opinions and knowledge about different types of subject matter. Popular ideologies such as religion are often used to manipulate as well as communicate with people through an understanding of the beliefs and opinions of these groups. Ideological Disinformation is an exploit of the weaknesses of opinionated thinkers. Scientific thinking is against our human nature, and as scientists or skeptical inquirers we must train ourselves to throw away all our appeals to opinions and beliefs, and trust only what can be proven fact by experiment, or evidence.

Logical Fallacies

If you haven't read through the Wikipedia article on Logical Fallacies yet, please take the time and do so.

The main thing logical fallacies teach us is that the only valid arguments are those that use appeal to evidence, or appeal to nature, or experiment.

The Scientific Method

According to Wikipedia:

The scientific method is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge. To be termed scientific, a method of inquiry must be based on empirical and measurable evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning. The Oxford English Dictionary says that scientific method is: "a method or procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses."

Healthy Skepticism

If the Wright Brothers had listenend to the skeptics, they would have never built the world's first airplane!

It is healthy to have a hunch, and I always recommend following your gut instinct. Albert Einstein himself said "Imagination is more important than knowledge", and it perfectly acceptable and healthy to let your mind wander freely. However, when it come to evaluating fact from fiction, I must agree it is always better to be skeptical, than it is to just believe in things. The skeptical approach is a safer approach: assume it's total BS until you can prove it otherwise. But that doesn't mean reject everything outright. Keep an open mind to the possibilities, and always look at both sides and try to keep your judgements fair and balanced.

Skepticism or scepticism (American/British spelling differences) is generally any questioning attitude towards knowledge, facts, or opinions/beliefs stated as facts, or doubt regarding claims that are taken for granted elsewhere.

Philosophical skepticism is an overall approach that requires all information to be well supported by evidence. Classical philosophical skepticism derives from the 'Skeptikoi', a school who "asserted nothing".

Precision over Ego

Admit when you are wrong! Be thrilled by it, actively seek to disprove everything you think you know, and be glad when someone can show you that you are wrong.

Human beings have a natural tendency to attach their beliefs to their own ego. They correlate their worldhood and knowledge with their own personal identity. An attack on their ideas, becomes an attack against them.

I have often been wrong many times in my life about many different things. This is why I tell people to "do your own research" because, I don't always get everything right. I am also never afraid to admit to my mistakes, in fact I love when my audience points them out. I learn as much from you guys as you learn from me.

I call this "precision over ego" because it is more important to have precise information, than it is to protect your own ego. Being afraid to admit your mistakes because you fear how others will perceive you is no way to find the real truth.

It's ok to say "I don't know"! In fact, that is preferable to making up something or pretending like you know. Throw away the ego, don't be afraid to admit when you are wrong.

"You can't convince a believer of anything; for their belief is not based on evidence, it's based on a deep seated need to believe." - Carl Sagan

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