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Bob Lazar

Claimed he was a Ph.D. physicist hired by the Majestic 12 to reverse engineer alien propulsion technology at Area 51 back in 1989. At the time of his "disclosure" Element 115 was still undiscovered, Bob Lazar claimed this Element had a stable isotope which was the key to alien antigravity technology.

Central Debunking Thesis:

No stable isotope of Element 115 has ever been shown to exist, nor do any current theories of particle physics predict it to exist. Lazar with his supposed "Ph.D. level credentials and education at top Universities", cannot produce a viable theory for any of his predictions or claims about this stable isotope of Element 115 or its alleged properties.

To date, Bob Lazar can provide no clear proof or credentials to back up his Ph.D. level education claims. He claims that the government destroyed all the records of his education. It later was discovered that Bob had been enrolled in courses at Pierce Junior College at the same time he was supposedly working on his Ph.D. at CalTech.

In 1993, the Los Angeles Times looked into his background and found there was no evidence to support those claims.[1] Stanton Friedman was only able to verify that Lazar took electronics courses in the late 1970s at Pierce Junior College.[4] The Times did discover that in 1990 Lazar had pled guilty to felony pandering, when he installed a computer system for a local brothel,[5] declared bankruptcy and listed his occupation as self-employed photo processor on documents.[1] A 1991 Times article reported, Lazar was "on probation in Clark County, Nevada, on a pandering charge. His educational and professional background cannot be verified -- a fact he attributes to government deletion of records."[6]

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By far the most interesting detail in Bob's History is the fact he listed his occupation as a self employed photo processor. This kind of ability means Bob was perfectly suited to forge the documents he provided as evidence for his employment at Area 51:

There are several problems with this document which prove it fraudulent, these are listed below:

1. OMB & Document Control Number

Lazar points out on his web page: ‘Note at the top of the slip is a field reserved for the O.M.B. (Office of Management and Budget.)’ like it’s something special that validates his argument. Well The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approves all IRS tax forms that are subject to the Act and each IRS form contains (in or near the upper right corner) the OMB approval number, if assigned. So the ‘OMB No. 1545-0008 is the OMB Document Control number, nothing else and teachers and clerks have the same thing on their W2. See:

2. Employer's Name

The "United States Department of Naval Intelligence", if you look it up, has not formally existed since World War II, and has since been known as the Office of Naval Intelligence. (

The points presented above are enough to firmly place Bob Lazar in the Debunk Bin, the following are additional reasons to doubt his story but not really the best evidence debunking him.

Note the similarities:

Bob Lazar's Craft description:

Billy Meier's craft description:

Billy Meier is another name I have included in the debunked bin. Although the artist who drew the image for Lazar likely was also influenced by the artwork produced for Billy Meier, I can't help but sense that Bob plagiarized at least part of his UFO descriptions from the work of Billy Meier.

This is not the strongest point against Bob Lazar's claims of authenticity, but I still thought I should include it for reference

    Element 115 was discovered experimentally within a few years of Bob Lazar's claim that it was the key to Alien Anti-Gravity Technology. This discovery and subsequent particle physics research into these heavier elements has yet to vindicate Bob Lazar's claims of a stable isotope, let alone a spontaneous transmutation fusion reaction up to element 116 and back down again. Not just the science, but every single part of Bob Lazar's story is a proven fabrication from his education and background, to his only surviving paperwork left from his experiences and employment by a Department of the Navy which was closed after World War 2 and no longer existed in the 1980s when Bob claims he worked at Area 51.

Requirements for Re-Evaluation: Someone would need to find a yearbook photo, a library card or book from MIT signed out in Bob Lazar's name during the years he was allegedly there. A professor who remembers him, his transcripts, some form of proof or alibi. Dr. Teller denies knowing Bob Lazar contrary to Lazar's claims to having studied under him. We have evidence that Bob Lazar took a few classes at Pierce Junior College but never Caltech, and it makes no sense to go for a Master's at MIT and then a Ph.D. in Physics at Caltech. Where is his Doctorial Thesis published?