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Ufology: And why I have distanced myself from the field

When I first learned about the technology of Metamaterials and their applications for Invisibility and Cloaking Technologies, I had a stark realization that put all my previous UFO research into perspective: The technology required to make things invisible to the human eye, to human radar, and to human cameras was far simpler and easy to produce than say, the technology that would be required for inter-stellar or star to star travel, which is what ET would need in order to get here and back. Meaning that if ET has the technology to come here and visit us (which I still hold as a strong possibility...), then ET clearly also has the capability to stay completely hidden from our eyes, our radar, and our cameras. So what does that say about photographs and vidoeos of UFOs?

They're either:

  • A) Man-Made Craft, Birds, Insects, Optical Illusions, Lens Artifacts, or otherwise Identified phenomena.
  • B) They are aliens that WANT to be seen...

Let's just assume for a moment that option B) is the case... IF this really is an intelligently controlled extra-terrestrial craft (in any given UFO video)... then that means this alien wanted to be seen. So then you must ask the question of why these aliens would be presenting themselves to certain people (aka the people who photograph UFOs), and then ask why these intelligent ET visitors would only show a glimpse of themselves, only to certain people, and why they wouldn't just come down and make complete-full contact rather than just messing with people's heads?

Being a Star Trek fan, I grew up with the idea of the "Prime Directive" for intelligent space-faring civilizations to never make direct contact with primitive civilizations (as to not disrupt their natural evolution). I understand why this would be common sense to any advanced civilization that has ever studied the history of what happens when an advanced culture comes into contact with a primitive one... It also makes sense from a scientific perspective not to disrupt what you are trying to study... So based on this knowledge and these assumptions I'd say it would be very unlikely that intelligent aliens would ever choose to reveal themselves willingly... Especially to ordinary people, and not leading scientists or world leaders.

In today's world of advanced CGI, it's impossible to take any video of a UFO seriously... So based on these factors and my own experience in the field of UFOlogy, I've given up looking for ET in blurry photos and videos... Thanks to the discovery of metamaterials, the advent of CGI, and the implications of these technologies... UFOlogy is officially dead. You will never find the undeniable proof for Extraterrestrials by looking at UFO cases, and Leslie Kean proved that with her book documenting the best of the best of what UFOlogy has to offer...

I'll now give a review of some of the UFO cases that I've studied and successfully debunked.

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