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The first step towards building an organization is the “Organizing” part… My YouTube Channel and website are attracting more people than I presently know what to do with.

In the past, I have tried forming partnerships or hiring people to do work for me, but through disorganization and frustration, I usually end up just doing the work myself. Through my experience, I have found that the only way to achieve something is through persistent dedication. And if you want a job done right, do it yourself.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of jobs which I can’t do by myself. Some because I don’t have the required skills, and some because they are just too enormously overwhelming. This is why I wanted to create some sort of network…

I have met people who TALK, and I have met people who DELIVER. But regardless of what kind of people I attract, I want to create a place where they can all come together to work on a common goal (or sit around and talk about it).


Contact Us

I rely on YOU to keep me updated and informed on all the information you are finding.

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Please use the contact form. You may also try to reach me at AlienScientist[at]


All information provided to me will be fully investigated to the best of my network’s abilities and the most relevant and worthy information will be shared via this website, or even possibly in future YouTube Videos. Thank You.


American Antigravity ( ) (Luke Fortune) of cool mathematical geometrical animations)

Frank Znidarsic’s Website on Zero Point technologies

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