Squeezed Coherent Light, Battelle, & the Path Towards Disclosure…

Squeezed Coherent Light, Battelle, & the Path Towards Disclosure…

Squeezed Coherent Light, Battelle, & the Path Towards Disclosure… 1841 845 Jeremy

John Archibald Wheeler was an American Theoretical Physicist famous for the terms “quantum foam“, “neutron moderator“, “wormhole“, the “it from bit” information view of the universe, The Wheeler–DeWitt equation, and for hypothesizing the “one-electron universe“.

He also knew and worked with Albert Einstein at Princeton as a young man, and was Richard Feynman’s Ph.D. Adviser!

But lesser known is his work for the Battelle Memorial Institute:

“Throughout his long career, John Wheeler has played a central role in expanding our understanding of theoretical physics, and he has been a major contributor to his country, to his students and university, and to Battelle,” said Douglas E. Olesen, Battelle President and CEO.

“We are proud to be able to establish this Chair at Princeton, where he conducted much of the pioneering research that has helped to advance the world around us.” – (source)

In 1967 John Wheeler and Bryce DeWitt hosted the Battelle Rencontres Lectures in Mathematics and Physics, which contained a summary of the most advanced mathematics and physics knowledge of the time period.

Looking deeper at John A. Wheeler’s FBI File , we find that he was involved with multiple Special Access Programs and had at least 6 different security clearances for a variety of Top Secret Projects including the Hydrogen Bomb.

A 1985 paper on the “Frank-Condon Effect and Squeezed-State Physics as Double-Source Interface Phenomena” reveals that John Archibald Wheeler was involved with the research being done into squeezed states as early as 1985, when they were first discovered at University of Rochester.

See: 30 Years of Squeezed Light: https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/0031-8949/91/5/053001/meta

Many Researchers are already aware of the related theoretical work that’s been done by Hal Puthoff and his colleagues:

Bernard Haisch http://www.calphysics.org/haisch/publications.html


Dr. Eric W. Davis – Teleportation via Wormhole Stargates

Space Technology & Applications Int’l Forum – Feb. 13-17, 2005,
Albuquerque, NM


Some Additional Links of ways to produce materials for experiments with trapping and squeezing light:

Physicists Create Bose-Einstein Condensate of ‘Surface Plasmon Polaritons’

Squeezed light with parametric oscillators, example of parametric squeezing for a pendulum:
By driving at twice the resonant frequency you are pumping energy into one quadrature and damping out the other quadrature of the wave
Papers/references about squeezed vacuum (When you cancel out the classical photon-like component this remains)
Einstein’s “abandoned” refractive index model:
Quantum radar
Flying Doughut Pulses/Spatiotemporal optical vortices as fundamental solutions to maxwell’s equations that are not transverse waves:
The wikipedia page remains but many of the associated papers have been taken down, supposedly you can purchase it from sigma aldrich?
Carbonado diamond
Peter Hagelstein’s excitation transfer model
These are some recent papers but there are others.
The Hafnium controversy:
There’s various info about the metastable nuclear isomers of Tantalum and Hafnium, Ta-180m and Hf-178m2
Isomers are excited nucelar modes of isotopes: all the nucleons plus an extra photon
Resonant (Zero index or phase conjugate mirror) metamaterials:
These material properties only show up when the system is at resonance, and they aren’t creating energy from nothing, but they can perform tasks that would otherwise be considered computationally difficult, without the use of transistors! As long as you set up the boundary conditions properly
polariton condensates:
Here’s that Youtube video that describes it well.
There’s plenty of papers to choose from in google scholar, but an important point here is that this just allows strong light-matter interactions. There’s nothing magical about that in and of itself, but it has many uses in specific cases if you know what you’re doing
Battelle, ITAR/EAR, hiding stuff from FOIA using private companies, disinfo methods (unobtainium, throwing the baby out with the bathwater), and focusing on actionable intel/not sitting around waiting for others to save us: you have your own info on those topics and have communicated them well I think
Graphene energy harvesters and systems which may violate the second law of thermodynamics:
The second law of thermodynamics has the built-in assumption of no absorbing markov chains. This assumption is false, disproven now by example. This allows the construction of systems which do not obey the second law of thermodynamics, or equivalently, which constitute functioning brownian ratchets, as long as a microcanonical behavior can be set up which is not boltzman distributed.
The issue with Leonard’s argument here is that the entropy is transferred from the spatial domain into the temporal domain: the information fully determines WHEN each quantum of energy gets absorbed. and that information is still encoded in the light cone of all the particles interacting.
This plus a multi-junction solar cell over 60% efficient would also constitute an absorbing markov chain microcanonical ensemble.
Other engineered microcanonical absorbing markov chains can make use of neel relaxation and electrostrictive relaxation in paramagnetic and paraelectric materials, because this is driven by phonons, brownian motion, etc.
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