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Following the 2009 Extraordinary Technologies Conference, I produced a video covering some of the speakers I met and the information that they provided which was still fresh in my mind. I have since had a lot more time to mull this information over and come to much more informed conclusion about it. Click for more information on the NAZI Bell Project. and Marko Rodin

A “Unified Field Theory” literally means a connection between Electromagnetism and Gravity and that is something I will tear apart the corners of the Earth to find… That would mean Anti-Gravity and “Free” Energy… That’s the entire point of AlienScientist. I will support any project that is on a quest to find these things.

Nassim’s Schwarzschild proton theory is interesting in a lot of different ways that I believe should be much more thoroughly investigated by the skeptics and scientists who are so quick to throw it away on the basis that the “Mass” used to get this result does not match (not even close) the observed mass of the proton. This discrepency is claimed to be reason enough to throw away the correct results which the theory gets for the strength and characteristic interaction time of the Strong Nuclear Force.

However, their physics currently has no explanation for gravitational mass… So who are they to say that this theory is wrong and should be “completely thrown away and never looked at or even considered ever again.”? At the very least we should acknowledge that there are problems with the theory, yet take under advisement the answers it does get correct and maybe look for ways to explain the inconsistancies in the mass discrepancy. There is a faint hope that this theory could lead to inertial cancellation technologies, if we can discover a separate mechanism for the mass cancellation which yields the appropriate values.

I have thus taken the initiative to identify some of the flaws in Nassim’s theory:

The theory of Quarks was developed by Murray Gell-Man (who published his theory in a second rate Physics Journal rather than a First Rate Journal because he thought it was wrong or incomplete). Later physicist found evidence of the Charm and Strange Quark, and eventually the Top and Bottom Quarks as well confirming many aspects of the theory.

Haramein contests the existance of the “gluon” particle, and often jokes that scientists made up the particle and decided to call it the “Gluon” in order to explain what glues 2 or more positively charged protons together inside the nuclei of atoms… Even though the TASSO Collaboration proved the existance of the gluon experimentally… What are we to make of this? Perhaps we should re-examine the TASSO data? or re-examine Nassim’s Theory?

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While doing research into theories involving black holes I came across these series of papers by Dr. Nicodem Poplawski:

Original paper published in PLB:

and two more on related subjects: (also published in PLB) (submitted to Phys Rev D)

Although these papers detail some interesting new theoretical aspects of black holes, will this bring us any closer to any sort of scientific confirmation for Nassim’s Theory that protons are tiny black holes? It’s hard to say at this point… All in all I think the idea of ultimate entanglement between all protons in the Universe is a fantastic idea, one that should definitely be looked into more thoroughly. Maybe one day someone will figure out the link to make the entire theory fit together… But I have a feeling it will come from a mathematician or physicist who is well trained in group theory since that seems to be the heart of elementary particle physics.


In the meantime I will continue to help and support Nassim and the Resonance Project in any way I can, helping to continue to quest for “singularity” or a Unified Field Theory of physics. Some have claimed it doesn’t exist and couldn’t possibly exist, David Lindley even going as far as calling it a “myth”, calling it “The End of Physics” in his book of the same title.

The Resonance Project

I have agreed to help the Resonance Project out with their YouTube Channel, since they recently lost their funding they have been on a limited budget with limited staff. I am doing what I can to help them, and am hoping to conduct an interview with Nassim soon.

Here is “The Resonance Project” as presented on their website:

Rise to the Equation!

The Resonance Project Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the unification of all sciences and philosophies emerging from a complete and applied view of the physics underlying the wheelworks of nature.

The Resonance Project Foundation’s accomplished team of scientists study the principles of Unified Field Theory and its applications in a sustainable research environment. Our researchers and emissaries share the knowledge and implications of our findings through educational outreach programs, scientific publications, layman’s papers and multimedia presentations.

We are living at a critical time in history. The work done in our interdisciplinary research park may be crucial to our capacity to overcome the ecological and technological difficulties our world faces today.

A New Spin on Einstein’s Field Equations

Director of Research Nassim Haramein and scientists at the Resonance Project Foundation have found a new solution to Einstein’s field equations which incorporates torque and Coriolis effects. Furthermore, calculations were rendered to describe the collective and coherent behavior of the plasma dynamics of ergospheres orbiting the event horizons of black holes demanding a highly structured polarized vacuum, resulting in an alternative view of black holes where the exterior white hole portion surrounds the interior black hole singularity.

From these calculations, a new paper has recently been released entitled Scale Unification – A Universal Scaling Law For Organized Matter, which describes our universe as embedded white hole / black hole or white / black “whole” structures from universal size to atomic and subatomic scales.

Instead of seeing ourselves as separate from everything around us, this view allows us to recognize that we are embedded in a fractal feedback dynamic that intrinsically connects all things via the medium of a vacuum structure of infinite potential. This research has far reaching implications in a variety of fields including theoretical and applied physics, cosmology, quantum mechanics, biology, chemistry, sociology, psychology, archaeology, anthropology, etc. A fundamental understanding of the dynamics of this interconnectivity redefines the lens through which we see the universe and our place in it, and leads to theoretical and technological advancements that move us towards a sustainable future. This new approach to the physics of universal forces has the potential to solve the most pressing issues of our times.

The Resonance Project Research Park and its Programs

Integrating Research, Educational Outreach and Sustainability ::
Many organizations are doing important work focusing on scientific research, sustainability or education. One of the ways that The Resonance Project Foundation is unique in that we are dedicated to the whole picture, bringing together the unification of all of these important aspects of humanity’s evolution and integrating them in our mission, our operations and our lives.

Researching “Wholistic” Models in a “Wholistic” Research Environment ::
Ongoing theoretical and applied research about Unified Field Theory is conducted within the context of a sustainable research park that reflects the values of this innovative research. Many of our researchers live together, eat together and think together in a collaborative environment which supports the flourishing of great ideas. The Resonance Project Foundation is striving to become a model of a regenerative and self sustaining system at its facility, utilizing permaculture principles, such as grey water recycling, composting toilets, soil and water conservation, alternative fuels, and native and edible landscaping including fruit trees pollinated by hives of onsite bees.

UniPhi Consortium ::
Founded by Nassim Haramein, the UniPhi Consortium is a multidisciplinary group of leading international scientists who share expertise from their respective fields in order to further the research about unification principles. In February 2008, the Resonance Project Foundation hosted the first UniPhi Consortium conference with great success.

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