The Step to a Type 1 Civilization

If humanity ever hopes to achieve true immortality and seal it’s place permanently among the stars, and not kill ourselves off with famine, plague, greed, selfishness, ego, or nuclear war… We must set aside our differences and focus on using science and technology to further our civilization culturally, socially, and economically. To safely and successfully make the step to Type 1, and overcome the current deep state geo-political climate, I have narrowed down the mission to some KEY critical factors.

1. The Database – a safe haven for banned and heavily censored political and scientific knowledge. Given the uncertain future of Net Neutrality and a Free and Open Internet, steps must be taken immediately to secure at-risk data, and compile it to a central library.

2. A Laboratory or Research Institute dedicated to the advancement of energy and propulsion technologies.

3. An ongoing search for ways to advance our culture and technology to the highest levels imaginable, and to expand the scope of that imagination, and bend the rules without completely breaking them.

Main Projects

We are building an archive for super sensitive and suppressed information: A library of files that have a pattern of disappearing or being extremely hard to find.

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We are continuing to assemble a team of independent propulsion researchers and experimenters who are actively testing new theories of Quantum Gravity, and testing new devices and claims made by others across our network.
To find out more about our research teams, visit and ARPE (The Association of Reactionless Propulsion Engineers / Experimenters),, and (APEC).

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Join the Disclosure Network to keep up to date on exciting new developments in advanced science and technology programs.

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