Our Study Into Carbonado Diamonds

Our Study Into Carbonado Diamonds

Our Study Into Carbonado Diamonds 1536 1152 Jeremy

I have some interesting news to announce about our study into Carbonado Diamonds which are rare earth diamonds also known as “black diamonds” and are only found in 2 places on earth. Bolivia, and Central African Republic.

Carbonado diamonds are also 11 on the Mohs hardness scale which is harder than normal diamond! This is what originally caught my interest so I began studying them..

It seems the scientific community has not researched these natural deposits extensively, but the research that has been done has led scientists to some starting conclusions about their geological origins here on earth…

So we decided to obtain a few samples and run some Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) tests on them… 




  • Metallic titanium wires in 2 billion year old carbonados.
  • Ramen spectroscopy will reveal if they have sequestered nitrogen on their surface (this will help determine whether they are natural or artificial).
  • Acicular titanium power particles can be found on all the carbonado specimens we studied.
  • The lack of any alloyed chromium suggests they are not formed in a supernova.
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