More Effective Operations Study:

This section was designed to be like a manifesto, a sort of self-generating, highly advanced, compartmentalized, continually evolving TRUTH Activist movement. The purpose of this movement is to expose truth to massive numbers of people in the most effective ways possible in an effort to generate real change, real awakening, and real movement towards a real Type 1 Civilization and not a NWO Police State Nightmare…

This page will function as an open dialog, incorporating all new ideas which are presented as being highly accurate and effective. These ideas will be collected through the AlienScientist Network.


Part One is an ongoing study of Public Reaction to the materials and information we’ve been presenting in the past and how certain approaches work better.

Part Two is a list of the most effective Truthing Operations including a collection of printable fliers and other materials, for maximum dissemination of truth in the most effective ways possible.

Part 1:

Part 2:

List of ongoing Truth Operations:

Operation YouTube

Operation Libra (Library Runs)

Operation Quadrivium

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