Holographic Projection Technology

How it works

Holograms without Metamaterials

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Metamaterial holographics

Light refraction in normal materials:

Difference between normal material (left) vs. a left-handed Metamaterial (right): 

Project Bluebeam

Project Bluebeam was a NASA conspiracy theory put forward by Serge Monast. Although it claims to have been written in 1994, this article mentions the movie ‘Independence Day’ in a reference to pop-culture influences on the public opinion of aliens, disclosure, and one world government. However the movie Independence Day did not come out until July 4, 1996… 2 years after this article on Project Bluebeam was supposedly written.

In addition to the author being very confused about technological possibilities and physical reality, he also does not bother to back any of this information up with sources… I do not doubt that Government/Military think tanks have considered the potential uses of these “non-lethal weapons”, but where is the documentation or proof?

Nevertheless, I think it is important to address some of the potential uses for Holographic Projection Technology that were outlined by this “Project Bluebeam”, and expose people to how the technology works a bit better so it will be easier to spot, and people will know what to look for and how to expose it in case it is used in one of these psychological operations.

Possible Applications and Scenarios

The Faked Alien Invasion

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