Ed Fouche

Former Area 51 Employee Edgar Fouche Dead at 69
February 22, 1948 – May 11, 2017

As many of you know Ed and I were once good friends, who turned into bitter rivals over the loss of the old AlienScientist Forums. I have since forgiven Ed for the things he did to me, and have been working to put a lot of his material back online.

Click Here to learn more about Edgar Fouche’s life and Disclosures, including my personal experiences with him and my ongoing analysis of the information he provided us with.

Click Here for the documented proof that he was a real former AREA 51 employee, including a history of his military career.


The Aurora Project and Black Triangles

Along with the material from Ed Fouche, I’m going to be putting out more material on US Military experimentation with Triangular aircraft, and some of advanced propulsion technologies that are behind them.

In another strange coincidence, within days of Edgar Fouche Passing, THIS patent went viral and completely obscured all future search results for TR-3B…

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