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Michael Shermer: Genuine Skeptic? or Ignorant Denier?

Debunking Michael Shermer on being a REAL 9/11 Skeptic

In his article for Scientific American titled "Farenheit 2777" Michael Shermer repeats the same claim as Kaku did above IN BIG BOLD CAPITOL LETTERS, that "NO STEEL WAS MELTED". This, his central thesis, is scientifically refuted in the evidenced forensic reports as follows:

Pyrocool, according to it's website, sold 2000 gallons of their Pyrocool FEF Fire Quenching liquid to the FDNY to battle the extreme heat and molten steel at ground zero. Since pyrocool mixes with water at 0.4%, this means that ground zero was hosed down with 500,000 gallons of Pyrocool-Water mixture. Yet this apparently did very little to quench the tremendous heat beneath the rubble at ground zero which burned until December 19, 2001 when New York Governor George Pataki states that the FDNY has extinguished the fire at the World Trade Center site. FDNY remains on standby in case small pockets of fire or "hot spots" are discovered.

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