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Ongoing Research:

This page is to provide a list of subjects that are currently under investigation.

If you know of anything else I should be looking into please send me some links and information!


Searl Effect

Conclusions - After reading Dr. Paul LaViolette's chapter on the SEG (Searl Effect Generator) and interviewing Searl over the telephone while he was at the 2010 Extraordinary technologies conference, I am still not quite sure what to make of Searl and his machine. The idea of rotating superconductors would be consistent with the Podkletnov experiments, but there's no mention of this in Searl's Description for how the device operates.

When I heard that Searl was requesting 9 hours to go over the material covering how his SEG works, I became immediately suspicious. I have seen many hoaxers put on a front using the "wall of garbage" method before. The idea is to create an explanation so long and so confusion that no one will be able to understand it let alone attempt to refute it or prove it wrong. Not to say this is what Searl is doing, but that's the first thing that I think when I heard him say he needed 9 hours to explain how his machine worked.

The Fact that Searl claims his device produces power over-unity is a huge red flag, he also appears to have been convicted of stealing electricity from the Electrical Companies, claiming the power came from his over-unity machines and that the electrical companies made up the story to silence the truth about his machine.

If Searl's machine really does produce over-unity or anti-gravity, where is it? Where's his demonstration? He and his team keep asking for more and more money to build a larger version of his incredibly intricate and over-complicated machine, claims he already built several working ones in the past, yet can't seem to produce another working model.

John Searl is uneducated in science, yet claims to have over-turned Newton... I call total B.S. until I can see some proof.

Hutchison Effect

Conclusions - Through my research into the Philadelphia Experiment with the USS Eldridge and experiments involving Gigahertz frequency Tesla Coils, I have come to know and understand certain resonant effects these frequencies can have inside of certain materials. From studying John Hutchison's videos and other work I am intrigued by some of his demonstrations and have some theories for how these effects could be caused by legitimate electromagnetic phenomena. At the same time I have seen other very convincing evidence that some of the materials and videos John Hutchison has produced, are total and utter hoaxes. This behavior on the part of John Hutchison is disturbing, and puts all his other work in jeopardy of being labelled a hoax as a result. John needs to better document his work, the frequencies he is using, the settings and positionings of the machines, etc. Posting pictures and videos of weird effects and not explaining them in a scientific manner does nothing to help further science.

Judy Wood - Space Lasers

Conclusions - Judy Wood established herself as a legitimate 9/11 physics researcher with her publication of the calculated collapse times of the building taking into account conservation of momentum and the pancake effect cascading floor by floor. Like any good disinformation she built up credibility first before delivering a "poison pill". Dr. Wood then attempts to take all the evidence for nanothermite explosives and that were discovered and confirmed by legitimate scientists investigating 9/11, and attempts to explain them all away while pushing people towards an absurd "space lasers" hypothesis.

The time differences between the collapses are inconsistant with an orbiting satellite and there is no possible way that a satellite this large could even be put into space, let alone be placed in Geostationary Orbit without anyone noticing. The collapse of the building (floor by floor) is also inconsistant with a Direct Energy Weapon, and more consistant with the theory of pre-planted explosive devices.

You can read the point by point debunking of this theory, but common sense should tell you that this is just another distraction to get you not looking into who could have placed the nanothermite explosives inside the buildings, and into an area where you are no longer coming anywhere close to the real people who did this.

Micronukes at WTC theories

Conclusions - Another attempted diversion from scientific nanothermite evidence. Seismographs do not indicate such a high level blast event. Radiation levels at the WTC did not indicate the presence of such nuclear devices.

The hypothesis is unscientific and does not follow any logical progression from discovery of evidence to theory.

Rodin Coil

Conclusions - I became interested in the Rodin Coil design after doing research on focusing coils and ways to focus magnetic fields. The vortex-shape of the Rodin coil is something I still find interesting, in that it focuses the fields in a spiral around an 'asymtote' at the center of the torus.

After building several Rodin Coils and testing them myself, I found many of Marko's claims and his theory un-substantiated by experiment. The "Ghost Coil" which was supposed to be the magical number 9 and correspond to this alleged "in-flux" from the vacuum energy was not observed. I found that when I wound that 3rd ghost winding that the inductance of the coil was increased by the exact amount that I calculated using conventional electromagnetic theory.

The coil did not produce over-unity or any such energy-output effects, nor did I discover the production of an Magnetic Monopoles. I did find that Jamie was not using a sensitive enough magnetometer and that the fields were more divergent on one end than the other. Overall I feel that vorticular wound coils are useful for certain applications, such as rotating a ferrofluid in a spiral around a torus. But as for magnetic free energy... Keep dreaming.

Marko Rodin's "vortex based mathematics"

Conclusions - Rodin's 'Mathematics' are modular arithmetic mixed with numerology, they have very little or no applicability in modeling real vortices or anything else physical for that matter. They are occassionally mixed with references to "scripture" and other religious fantasies as well.

I gave Marko the benefit of the doubt and kept my mind as open as possible while I carefully examined his explanations and theories. After testing Marko's predictions against experiment I have concluded that they are false.

Coral Castle

The investigation is still ongoing. I believe that Edward Leedskalnin was a former high ranking member of Tzar Nicholas' Secret Police and knew some interesting secrets... I have looked at Jeremy Stride's research into this and have my own ideas about how Ed achieved this effect of lifting rocks after he would sing to them and find their resonant sonic frequency, in combination with a second frequency which I believe may be that of the atomic transition.

I am still investigating and looking to perform some experiments soon.