All projects are dedicated to assisting humanity with the transition toward becoming a sustainable, emissionless, waste-free, renewable energy, space faring, open, free, economically prosperous future society, or Type 1 Civilization.

The first step towards becoming a Type 1 Civilization is making the distinction between a true Utopia, and a false one.

The Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission are working towards a false utopia they call the “New World Order” or “One World Government” with a world court, which is an oppressive, imperialist or totalitarian police state form of future Government.

Every single war in history has been fought over riches, or natural resources. The only way we will ever see world peace is through the creation of (or transformation into) a completely sustainable society.

We cannot have world peace without total sustainability. We must first begin looking at how to live sustainably. Produce zero waste, recycle everything, use all renewable energy, etc.

We live at one of the most remarkable and epic times in all of human history. The transition between Type 0 and Type 1. The “graduation” of the human species to a higher plane of existence. Or also quite possibly a descent into a hellish Orwellian Style Police State.

My Critique of Kaku’s statements about One World Government:

Dr. Kaku makes his first epic mistake when he begins confusing a Type 1 civilization with a need for a Planetary One World Government… He even goes as far as to suggest that this is the only way to unify our cultural differences throughout the world. In fact, consolidation and imperialism is contradictory to the progress and evolution of our species as it benefits a select few at the top of the Pyramidal power-structure while enslaving the rest. This is actually closer to George Orwell’s “1984” or Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”, which are the nightmarish prophetic visions of the future we should never forget about or ignored…

In addition to being very confused about which transition we are actually talking about (The Transition to Type 1 or the Transition into a Orwellian Police State) Michio Kaku then claims that the people who do not want this transition are “The Terrorists”, essentially advocating that people who resist the formation of a One World Government ‘should be rounded up and put into prisons’ or otherwise treated as “Terrorists”…

This cleverly blurred distinction between the Transition to a Type 1 and the formation of a One World Government (aka New World Order) and the labeling of anyone who is against it as a “Terrorist” is nothing more than a propaganda tool being used to target the scientific and futurist community and get them to support the elite’s One World Government of the Super-Rich Elite, by the Super-Rich Elite and for the Super-Rich Elite. All while thinking it is for the future of science, culture, and progress…

Please check out some of the projects listed here, and if you know of any better ones please let me know!


The Need for Decentralized Control Systems

The methods of top down pyramidal rule is inherently flawed, and must be replaces with lateral, decentralized integration of energy, money, government, elections, etc.