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Debunking Michio Kaku on 9/11 Physics

In the Following Video Dr. Michio Kaku responds to some questions about 9/11 Physics. I would like you all to listen to his replies, and the arguments he makes, and then read my counter-arguments and evidence below.

Incorrect Point #1 The word "Controlled" in "Controlled Demolition", means they can control (with explosives) exactly how the building collapses. There are plenty of examples of top-down, and middle-down demolitions. Here are two videos with some examples and a correct explanation of the physics:

Incorrect Point #2 STEEL WAS MELTED, Dr. Kaku please go read Appendix C of the FEMA Report, The RJ Lee Group Dust Study, and the USGS study on high heat at ground zero and fires which persisted for 3 months. Then check that evidence against the Carman & Associates HTA Fire Investigations Manual written for the ATF, to see if it might fit the criterion on page 5 of "CURRENTLY REPORTED CHARACTERISTICS OF HTA FIRES"