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The Cover-up:

Dan Rather tells his first big lie

Dan Rather was a no name news reporter from Dallas when his career was launched into super-stardom thanks to powerful connections in the media industry he acquired after he became the only member of the American Media to view the Zapruder Film of the Assassination. While the actual film was purchased by Time Warner and hidden away for over a decade, the public was given the following explanation for what the film actually contained.

Simple mistake or deliberate lie?

Dan Rather seems to remember an aweful lot of details about the film of the assassination, but he gets one very important detail wrong: The movement of the President's head "violently forward".

"Violently Forward"??? Ooops...

As you can see for yourself quite clearly, JFK's head moves back and to the left not "violently forward"...

High-Def Stablized panoramic view of JFK Assassination

This is perhaps the best film reproduction of the actual assassination in existence. As you can see clearly in the film evidence from the day of the assassination Kennedy's head does not move forward. be violently backward when struck by the final head shot. The CIA tried to hide this fact from the American Public for over a decade.

Back and to the Left

40 Years of excuses and distractions from core physics

The Jet Effect: Some physicist attempted to create a theory which could explain the observed head movements of back to the left, by arguing that large portions of skull and brain matter were ejected at high velocity which could account for and explain the backwards head movement through conservation of momentum, by claims of a "Jet Effect". Experimental replications for this phenomenon have not been convincing.

Muscular Spasms: The more common excuse these days is to claim that the head shot created violent muscle spasms in JFK's body, causing his body to lurch back and to the left.

The Autopsy

Bethesda Naval Hospital