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Thread: The Truth about Drugs

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    Exclamation The Truth about Drugs

    Big-Pharma as a whole
    Until the "dust has settled" on the safety & efficacy of particular drugs, or drug clasess... It's safe to say one should put as littles as possible of these chemicals into his or her body. If you've never seen it, this is worth your time:

    Just search his name on Google for many more datapoints

    For the record: I'm NOT against pharmacology or anti-vaccine at all. I'm pro Medicine (Allopathic) and biotechnology. I'm just anti-Depopulation by deceptive means. Drugs when well understood, works. Vaccination & acquired immunity certainly works, is proven. It's the contaminants that's problem. Much as fillings for cavities work well, but amalgam-mercury ones were an abysmally stupid idea.

    Cholesterol, Anti-statin Drugs

    This docu got Banned.

    One could argue over if it's based in bad-science. The point is: It's threatening a major profitable market. I haven't made up my mind yet whether I believe or disbelieve modern cardiology has been subverted. But if you take this investigation as being in good faith? it should shock you.

    Heart Disease is the NO.1 cause of death in almost EVERY highly developed country. If these drugs do work why is that still the case?

    It's not mutually exclusive to say: Coronary Heart Disease is a natural & imminent ailment human beings have. And it is being Exacerbated by the drug companies.

    That would be like saying: "Yeah car crashes happen. Inevitable. If a company were to (Hypothetically) remove structural materials or the firewall from the front of their vehicles, that would lead to more deaths by car crashes."

    Long but good interview with a Psychiatry M.D.

    Same could be be said on any other major multi $BILLION industry. Like Antioxidants & Oxidative stress. Once you read what actual experimentalists are saying. If we had a true free-market, 3rd party watchdog groups, and clinical testing designed to work we would not have this nonsense...

    Instead Profit & Agenda trumps Science every time.

    Everywhere you look in the health sciences & medical world there are these "Rabbit holes" that drop you off in Wonderland.
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