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Thread: Government / Media Disinfo Operation Timeline - used in most cover up's

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    Government / Media Disinfo Operation Timeline - used in most cover up's

    Government / Media Disinfo Operation Timeline - used in most cover up's


    Stage 1) The first tactic of covering up a conspiracy like 9/11 is censorship and misdirection. If the real evidence and real arguments behind the 9/11 truth movement are not heard by the public on mainstream media, while anytime 9/11 conspiracies are mentioned they are just laughed at or said to be haters of America and freedom. This creates a character assassination of anyone who questions the official 9/11 story while reinforcing the lies and propaganda leading up to the iraq war, where they used the same tactics of lies and deception. What you see is just as important as what you don't see, as far as molding the reality of what is possible or not. If the hardcore evidence can be hidden from the public like a tree falling in the forest, then it is easier to misdirect them with the lies of the official US gov storyline or plant less credible and less scientifically verifiable points as the main arguments of a movement. Allowing the media to set up the weakest arguments and then attack only those weakest arguments in their dis-info coverage on mainstream news. The goal of this is preventing the viewers from ever looking deeper into other evidence of the 9/11 events. Especially the scientifically verifiable hardcore evidence that would show the whole country the horrible truth of that day.

    Stage 2) When it becomes obvious to the Gov/Media that the public is catching on to their lies and the evidence that shows the conspiracy. Around 2005/2006 polls of people asked if the government covered up anything about 9/11 was around 60%. As such, the government would expose it's manipulation tactics to the public if they continued to refuse to acknowledge it. So they go into phase 2, where they run Dis-info pieces on national geographic, the discovery channel, little blurbs on CNN, Foxnews, MSNBC, Penn & Teller etc when 9/11 is discussed. The dis-info pieces focus on emotional connections to 9/11, while purposely avoiding the hard core evidence like WTC 7, Norad Stand down orders, Cheney being told of the aircraft 50 miles away from hitting the pentagon where he told them the stand down orders still stood and let the missile hit the pentagon. They won't touch the obvious evidence, but rather focus on the more circumstantial or appearing crazy positions. They will interview many of the people with the worse understandings and arguments about 9/11, and use ad hominem strawman attacks as means of leading people away from wanting to look any deeper into the 9/11 conspiracy. In other words, they select the weakest 9/11 truth arguments to cover publicly, just so they can create arguments against them that sways the public, while ignoring the key evidence that would show it was an inside job to everyone without a doubt. They cherry pick what they can shoot down, and focus on those as if they are the strongest arguments.

    It is clear the civilian 757 did not hit the pentagon on 9/11 and anyone who looks at the photos can see this clearly. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see things that are absolutely impossible. It is one of the strongest pieces of direct evidence that anyone can see was an inside job from just a glance at it. In 2004 a member of the 2000 Bush Administration named Morgan Reynolds, came out publicly on Alex Jones and other places discussing these issues and said he knows it was a controlled demolition. This was big news at the time, since it was a way to convince non-believers to look deeper since even people in the Bush administration were saying it. Reynolds never really made good points and muddied the water more than he ever clarified things within the first year of going public. Then he openly and strongly went towards the "No Plane" theory - basically pushing others to move away and spend less time on the controlled demolition areas of research. He was someone who should have been able to argue his points well, but always seemed to make things convoluted and confuse more people who wanted to listen, than those he woke up. His jump to No Planes, made it so anytime someone brings up insiders and whistle blowers on 9/11, people would just bring up Reynolds and the No Plane theories as the main focus of discussion - and ignore and not have to discuss these other scientifically verifiable pieces of evidence that can be used successfully in court - while directing all discussion to circumstantial debates that will never be objectively resolved in the eyes of a court. This is the trick - to destroy the 911 truth movements real body of evidence from the outside, with other issues that true or not cannot be proven for certain and weaken the 911 movement's arguments as a whole.

    Stage 3) After attacking the movement with dis-info, character assassinations and misdirections of what to look at from the outside and media's influence. They start promoting and getting truthers who support similar theories or circumstantial positions more radio time than others when it comes to the truther chosen to give the point of view for a media show. For instance, Dimitri Khalezov, who claims a nuke pulverized all the beams inside of the towers of WTC7, but did not break through the walls or many of the windows on the side of the building that stayed intact during it's collapse. How can the nuke blast go up through the building pulverizing all beams so it falls at a free-fall, but not have enough energy to push through the walls inches away from where the beams were connected at all? Furthermore, the explosion ejections that came out of the towers started at the top and moved down to the bottom, which is impossible if the nuke blast came from the ground up through the building. It's in reverse.

    Theories like this are given more exposure and play, so that the media can focus only on these arguments like No planes, Space lasers, Mini Nukes - as a means of cherry picking what it looks like the truth movement supports or the extent of evidence they have. Just so they can attack the cherry picked material, as planned to discredit the movement and stop people from looking deeper into the scientifically verifiable evidence. This is the Attack the movement from the inside tactic, and looks more organic than the attack the movement from the outside approach, especially once people start seeing the real evidence.

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    Brilliant Post! This is exactly how the cover-up works. And sadly continues to this day..

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    It amazes me that people can still believe the Official 9/11 Conspiracy in this day and age.

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    Well,with all due respect, I saw two planes hit both towers. I was there, and watched six of my friends die that day. So yes, there were planes (*unless they dumped LSD into the entire NYC water supply. It is also my opinion, that the velocity of the airliners, in conjunction with the fuel load deliver into the building was sufficient to start the fires. The supposed thermite was in fact melting aluminum, which has a much lower melting point than steel or iron. When it comes to the collapse of building 7? I find myself finding real doubts. But the two main towers fell as they did because they were constructed with the intent of the outer shell as a exoskeleton construction. I do believe that perhaps there are things we don't fully grasp, and that crimes have definitely been committed goes without saying. But to make anything happen, one would need to first convince a judge of a specific crime, and then that could be used to follow facts to their ends.I have a Masters. Peace)
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