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Edmund Storms: What is Cold Fusion and Why Should You Care?

A History of Cold Fusion

Its been twenty-three years since the announcement of the discovery of cold fusion, and yet, this powerful solution to our energy needs is not even recognized by the Department of Energy (DoE), despite the interest of other federal agencies like NASA and the military.

In trying to understand why, I learned that it was the top science schools in the U.S. who produced negative reports early in 1989 that influenced both federal policy and mainstream academic science, and still do today. Read Remove Institutional Blocks for more.

In that year, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and California Institute of Technology (CalTech) conducted experiments to test the claims of Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, two scientists who had discovered a powerful form of energy that could be created in a test tube. These experiments by MIT and CalTech were to be the centerpiece of the DoEs Energy Research Advisory Board report, a report that would determine the federal response to cold fusion and shape energy policy at the highest level of government.

However, as long as twenty years ago, several studies have shown that the experiments conducted by MIT and CalTech were seriously flawed. Dr. Mitchell Swartz of JET Energy and the designer of the NANOR device still on public display at the MIT campus, did the first analysis showing that some temperature data had been shifted downwards, with no adequate reason given for why.

Since then, Dr. Melvin Miles, a former university chemistry professor and Navy researcher, has performed several studies on the calorimetry of MIT and CalTech finding major mistakes in experimental procedure and heat measurement. The most recent analysis was published in the Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science and co-authored by Dr. Peter Hagelstein, an MIT electrical-engineering professor, and the lone cold fusion researcher on the campus. [.pdf]

Here is the actual MIT poster for the mock funeral they held before they even looked at their results!

LENR - Low Energy Nuclear Reactions:

Cold Fusion, although virtually ignored by mainstream academic research, has continued underground through the efforts of brave and dedicated scientists. I am now pleased to bring you the technological and theoretical breakthrough we've all been waiting for... Clean, virtually inexhaustible energy in the form of sea water! Let the Cold Fusion Revolution begin!

1 Teaspoon of Heavy Water has the energy content of 300 Gallons of Gasoline. You could go 55 million miles on a gallon. There is enough deuterium fusion fuel in the top 1 foot of seawater in the San Francisco Bay to supply all of mankind's projected energy needs for the next 50-100 years... And you wonder why the Federal Reserve Corporation has been suppressing it... Since their petro-dollars and their power is backed by Oil.

India's Top Scientists Advise Government to revive cold fusion research:

Cold Fusion is real power generation source:

Cold Fusion NOW!

US NAVY Report on Cold Fusion:

Wired Science article on US Navy Cold Fusion:

Some important information about Steven E. Jones' involvement in cold fusion research (Very helpful Information):

The Obama Speech can be found here:

Cold Fusion Links:

Theories on Cold Fusion

Widom Larsen

Quantum Fusions Theory

The Theory and work of Frank Znidarsic:

"Znidarsic's Constant" 1,094,000 m/s - is the key to Cold Fusion and has many other practical applications of atomic resonance effects for control over the natural forces.

Frank Znidarsic's latest versions of his papers:
The Quantization of Energy:
Control of the Natural Forces:

Here is a summary of Frank's work written for scientists: (if you want to show this theory to a physicist or scientist, this is the paper to print out and give to them)

Frank's Papers:
1) The duality of Matter and Waves:
2) Reconciling Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics:
3) Control of the Natural Forces

Znidarsic's Constant on Wolfram Alpha:

Frank Znidarsic's Website with all the info:

Chapter 7 on Frank's website details some important steps such as deriving the Schrodinger Equation from Znidarsic's Constant. It also shows exactly what gravity is, and where it comes from.

Important stuff to know about magnetic fields:

Moray B. King

Author of "Tapping the Zero-Point Energy"

Muon Catalyzed Fusion

The Theory of Steven E. Jones

I met Steven E. Jones when he came to Boston in 2007 to speak at a 9/11 Tea Party event in Fanuel Hall. It was the first public disclosure of the finding of the "red chips" which were later tested and found to be thermitically reactive. This was a landmank discovery which led Kevin Ryan (whom I also met at that same conference) to begin research the WTC Tenants and Security companies who may have been responsible for rigging the buildings prior to 9/11.

But many years before Steven E. Jones, began looking through WTC Dust samples to look for any evidence the Government might be ignoring, he was involved in Cold Fusion Research and the Pons and Fleishman Scandal that shocked the nation.

Many have accused Steven E. Jones of contributing to the downfall of Cold Fusion.

I recommend those people to also read Dr. Steven Jones' side of the story as well.

Wikipedia Article on Muon Catalyzed Fusion (

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Cold Fusion Technologies

Current Research

Fraud claims over E-Cat 'cold fusion' machine heating up

Australian engineer says wiring errors may be responsible for alleged 'scam

Waiting for the Works:

Updates on Rossi, Defkalion, and Anticipations