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Climate Conspiracies

Climate Change science is an extremely complicated issue. There are many different variables each with significant effects. Climate Science is chaotic, multivariabled, and almost impossible to model accurately. I will begin with what we do know about the science. The arguments which are undeniable truths.

Solar Effects

The science is also clear that solar activity and solar weather conditions also have a major effect on Earth's weather, and global heating and cooling. These effects are less controllable, but eventually will be controllable through advanced space technology.

Atmospheric Effects

Man Made Global Warming?

The Science is clear that Carbon Dioxide is a greenhouse gas and thus contributes to global warming. 1 Gallon of Gasoline will produce approximately 720 gallons of CO2 Gas by volume. Global consumption is around 55 Million Barrels of Oil per day. So it adds up. Technology is needed to stem Global Oil Consumption, and stablize the mixture of greenhouse gasses within Earth's atmosphere. We need accurate monitoring stations with an open source data sharing system, so the science cannot be faked or persuaded by economic interests.

The idea of a "Carbon Tax" will result in higher prices as the pump, which is in some ways a needed catalyst to convince people to start looking to alternatives to gasoline. Unfortunately corporate economic interests will use their powers to intervene with any national mandate which restricts their flow of money in any way. So we must be careful of a Carbon Tax, while at the same time try our best to work on alternatives to slowly ween ourselves off gasoline.

The evidence for man made global warming is valid since we add tens of Billions of Gallons of CO2 to the atmosphere daily, and CO2 is a greenhouse gas which traps heating IR radiation.

Peak Oil? The Oil Companies spent $Billions fighting Carbon Tax Legislation, First they got their lobbyist to pry certain encourageable authors to hide legislation or sneak loopholes within the Bill. At the same time they hired all sorts of internet and other media propaganda masters to insert doubt about man made global warming along with Al Gore's limited hangout "Carbon Tax". Then ClimateGate happened where scientists had their private emails hacked and read thoroughly enough to expose some evidence of unscientific tampering of the data and it erupted into a massive scandal. Who paid for and funded that hack attack? You guessed it!

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