List of all major Military and Aerospace studies into Anti-Gravity:  – Please Contact Us if you have something you don’t see here!

The following is a collection of Warp-Drive,  “anti-gravity”, and advanced propulsion studies conducted by US Military and Aerospace Corporations:

Boeing Aerospace:

The Alzofon Experiment – Antigravity with Present Technology 1981:

Here is the original 1981 study outline of the experiment:
F.E. Alzofon, Boeing Aerospace Co, Seattle, WA
AIAA/SAE/ASME 17th Joint Propulsion Conference
July 27-29, 1981 /Colorado Springs, Colorado

Here is a recent publication by David Prutchi talking about his work on the Alzofon Experiment:

F. Alzofon’s 1994 experiments DO NOT prove his model of gravity (The Control Experiment still yielded anomalous results however… i.e. weight reduction.)
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Project GRASP – 2002 The Podkletnov Effect

Boeing tries to defy gravity – BBC News:

2014 Update on Podkletnov gravity mod work and rumors:

Here is a video interview with Dr. Podkletnov from 2004, which was ‘leaked’ by AlienScientist in 2009:

Dr. Robert Evans and Project Greenglow:


Test Status for Proposed Coupling of a Gravitational Force to Extreme Type II YBCO Ceramic Superconductors

Many of the physicists involved with this study have gone on to do Classified Defense Research
Douglas Torr

Can the Vacuum be Engineered for Spaceflight applications? – Hal Puthoff – 1997

NASA Is Spending Half A Million Dollars On Bizarre Antigravity Research

Feeling Antigravity’s Pull – Can NASA stop the apple from falling on Newton’s head? Adam Rogers Oct 18, 2002

In 2010 I did an interview with Frank Znidarsic, one of the scientists who worked with Whitt Brantly at NASA Marshall Space Center on the Podkletnov experiment replications conducted at the Advanced Concepts Laboratories in Huntsville Alabama.

(A Rare Photo of Frank Znidarsic and the late Lott Whitt Brantley Jr. performing setup for the Podkletnov Replication Experiment at NASA Marshall.)

Frank Znidarsic, was an electrical engineer interested in fringe physics, from Anti-Gravity to Cold Fusion. He had taken some observable data from both worlds and formulated an interesting theory which caught my attention. Currently awaiting an update from him… “Control of the Natural Forces” was the name of the paper.

Radioisotope Positron Propulsion:

Gravity Probe B:

Gravity Probe B was a satellite-based mission to test two unverified predictions of general relativity: the geodetic effect and frame-dragging. It culminated in 2011. Here are the findings:

Gravity Probe B Mission Page:

Alternate Reference Site:

ESA: European Space Agency

Propellantless Propulsion with Negative Matter Generated
by Electric Charges – Martin Tajmar 2013

Gravitomagnetic Field of a Rotating Superconductor
and of a Rotating Superfluid – Martin Tajmar 2002

Extended Analysis of Gravitomagnetic Fields in Rotating Superconductors and Superfluids

Chiralex Patent on Electrets: Ron Kita 2014

US Air Force:

Franklin B. Mead, Jr., et al
Air Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory
Edwards AFB, California
June 1972 (Pages 135-143 are interesting…)

USAF Materiel Command Mass Modification Experiment Definition Study – Robert L. Forward – Feb 1996

Dr. Louis Witten and the Research Institute for Advanced Studies (RIAS)

Here are some of the scientific papers written with the results of the RIAS studies:

Invariants of General Relativity and the Classification of Spaces 1959

Conformal Invariance in Physics 1962

Geometry of Gravitation and Electromagnetism 1959
Some of the key scientists’ names who worked at the Aerospace Research Laboratories at Wright Patterson Air Force Base:
George Trimble, Clarence Birdseye, Lawrence Bell, Joshua N. Goldberg, J.P. Lasalle, Roy Kerr,

Advanced Propulsion Concepts – Project Outgrowth -for the Air Force Rocket Propulsion Laboratory at Edwards Air Force Base

Office of Technology Assessment report 1991 – House of Representatives:

US AIR FORCE Teleportation Study by Eric W. Davis 2004:

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA):
Warp Drive, Dark Energy, and The Manipulation of Extra Dimensions

US Navy:


Scientist Behind The Navy’s “UFO Patents” Has Now Filed One For A Compact Fusion Reactor

Docs Show Navy Got ‘UFO’ Patent Granted By Warning Of Similar Chinese Tech Advances

Lockheed Martin:

York Dobyns, Alfonso Rueda, & Bernard Haisch
Lockheed Martin
3251 Hanover St., Palo Alto, CA 94304
Foundations of Physics, in press, Jan. 2000

Gravity and the quantum vacuum inertia hypothesis
Alfonso Rueda and Bernard Haisch

Bernard Haisch Ph.D. Cal Tech – Lockheed Martin – Senior Staff Physicist (The man whom I call the REAL “Bob Lazar”..) – Curriculum Vitae:

Review of Experimental Concepts for Studying the
Quantum Vacuum Field
E. W. Davis, V. L. Teofilo, B. Haisch, H. E. Puthoff, L. J. Nickisch

Lockheed Martin Partners with Metamaterial Technologies to support the Development of metaSOLAR, making its first Solar Investment in Canada
Posted on June 1, 2017 ($5.6 Million agreement)

Quantum Entanglement:

Space as a Network (from: What Is Spacetime, Really? – by Stephen Wolfram 2015

A network—or graph—just consists of a bunch of nodes, joined by connections. And all that’s intrinsically defined in the graph is the pattern of these connections.

According to the latest theories on Quantum Gravity from physicists like Mark Van Raamsdonk, and others like David Hillman, we’ve found that Gravity could be based upon Quantum Entanglement and combinatorics:

Building up spacetime with quantum entanglement by Mark Von Raamsdonk 2010
Building up spacetime with quantum entanglement II: It from BC-bit 2018

Combinatorial Spacetimes by David Hillman 1998

So technologically speaking, if we were to attempt to defeat gravity by “disentangling” a region of space-time… One way this could be done is through the optical generation of many entangled states, in order to break the path of quantum entanglement at a surface boundary such as the skin of your spacecraft:

Multiphoton Quantum-State Engineering using Conditional Measurements

Scheme for generation of three-photon entangled W state assisted by cross-Kerr nonlinearity and quantum dot

Parametric Generation through pumped surface oscillations appears to be the (See: Zenneck Surface Waves)

Entanglement entropy and negativity of disjoint intervals in CFT: Some numerical extrapolations Erik Tonni 2015

Some materials that might allow for these type of optical technologies in the future:

Metallic Glass:


Quasicrystals are a new class of materials with very unique and fascinating geometries. Some Quasicrystals are 3D projections of 4 and 5 dimensional crystals. Which could provide a material access pathway for accessing resonances in hyperspace.

New method for trapping light may improve communications technologies – 2005

Fractal Crystals 2010

Fractal Antenna Technologies – Turns out fractal patterns on the sub-wavelength scale are their own class of metamaterials

Metamaterials: very thorough and easy to follow overview on the scientific history of Metamaterials:

Scientists Design New Material to Harness the Power of Light – By Edwin L. Aguirre

Additional links:

..and of course the infamous “Terahertz Metamaterials” stuff leaked? by Hal Puthoff at the Society for Scientific Exploration and Remote Viewing:

Strongly anisotropic media: the THz perspectives of left-handed materials

Quantum radar will expose stealth aircraft – How to Beat Invisibility Cloaking 2018

Quantum radar has been demonstrated for the first time 2019
A radar device that relies on entangled photons works at such low power that it can hide behind background noise, making it useful for biomedical and security applications.

Exotic Condensate States of Matter:

Room-temperature superfluidity in a polariton condensate – 2017

Polariton nanophotonics using phase-change materials

Physicists Say They’ve Created a Device That Generates ‘Negative Mass’ – 2018

Device creates negative mass—and a novel way to generate lasers – 2018

Original Article:
Device creates negative mass particles — and a novel way to generate lasers – 2018

Additional Homework Topics: (particularly the physics of Dirac Cones and their production)

Anti-Matter Anti-Gravity:

Studying Antimatter Gravity with Muonium – MDPI ETH Zurich 2018

Measuring Antimatter Gravity with Muonium – Daniel M. Kaplan 2013

Testing antimatter gravity with muonium – Klaus Kirch 2014

Muonium – the most exotic atom?
I’d never heard of it before this week, but it’s real. And there are plans to use it to look for antigravity – Jon Butterworth 2016

New Antimatter Gravity Tests with Muonium – Daniel Kaplan, Klaus Kirch, Robert Reasenberg 2017

Paul Sherrer Institute of Physics & ETH Zurich 2nd International Workshop on Antimatter and Antigravity PDF – K. Kirch – Nov 2013

Some History on Hover Brothers:

“Hover Brothers” was an emulation of the Wright Brothers, but for Anti-Gravity technology and a new generation of aerospace technologies… In 2017 I met physicist Ken Griggs after a podcast, and began digging into some of his work. When TTSA first came on the scene we created Hover Brothers to show people what REAL disclosure looks like! Here is a summary of Ken’s PhOENIX theory:

PhOENIX: the Physics Of Entanglement Networks and Information eXchanges:

Phoenix theory is a theory of topological combinatorics which describes the connected-ness or entanglement of the Universe.

Introduction to PhOENIX Combinatoric Relativity Theory which produces the grand matrix through multiplicities of entangled quanta.

Here is the first paper:
Ken Grigg’s CRT Paper

Here is a map showing the visual “knot” structures of PhOENIX and how they relate to the fundamental particles in physics, such as quarks, leptons, hadrons, baryons, photons, etc. as closed-loop knots:

Photons are interpreted as a connected point of information exchange between two vertices. Leptons are single vertex particles, while Hardrons and Baryons are bundles of 3 or more vertices entangled together.

The following video is part 1 of a 10 part series made by Ken in 2012 to explain the fundamental particles and his matrix formulations for phoenix theory:

01 Introduction to PhOENIX: the Principle of Existence

Visit the YouTube Channel to see the other 10 videos going over the matrix formalization for particles and their interactions using a new periodic table of physics:

Ken explained that the idea for using 3-connected vertices came from looking at how Feynman Diagrams were constructed and could all be broken down into 3-connected vertices. Ken theorized that every interaction in nature could be construction using a similar topology. Exploring these connected points in space-time (Graphs) a bit more He began mapping out a frame work that matched all know particles and their most basic interactions.

When these graphs are written in Matrix form they bear a striking resemblance to known particle interactions (Here is Neutron Decay):

Unfortunately my former business and physics discussion partner Ken Griggs (the creator of PhOENIX theory), suffered a mental breakdown after the attention and popularity he began receiving after the initial launch of Hover Brothers, so that partnership unfortunately ended and we refunded all of our first round investors, and ended the company. It lives on here in spirit and with help through your support!

To the best of my knowledge he has never published the 2nd and 3rd papers on PhOENIX Theory… I lost contact with him in early 2018.

Positron Dynamics: An Anti-Matter Research Start Up

Positron Dynamics was founded by three physicists and engineers Dr. Ryan Weed, Dr. Josh Machacek, and Space X Engineer Bala Ramamurthy

Positron Dynamics April 2019 Update:

Tao Zero Foundation:

Main Website (Temporarily down)

Gravity Research Foundation

Not Quite Anti-Gravity… But still Cool!
Official Studies Only! (Government, Military, and major Aerospace)

Bigelow Aerospace – Zeta Reticuli 2, inc.

Robert Bigelow’s misadventure with Bob Lazar and Element 115 which he quickly realize was a fraud… (

Project Skyvault:

Here is a link to a video I made on this subject back in 2009:

A few notes I’d like to add are that the Sawtooth waves MUST have an extremely raid rise time!

The Mach Effect / Woodward Effect:

Ernst Mach (1838–1916) was an Austrian physicist […] contemporary of Einstein, to whom he suggested a thought experiment: What if there was only one object in the universe? Mach argued that it could not have a velocity, because according to the theory of relativity, you need at least two objects before you can measure their velocity relative to each other.

Taking this thought experiment a step further, if an object was alone in the universe, and it had no velocity, it could not have a measurable mass, because mass varies with velocity.

Mach concluded that inertial mass only exists because the universe contains multiple objects. When a gyroscope is spinning, it resists being pushed around because it is interacting with the Earth, the stars, and distant galaxies. If those objects didn’t exist, the gyroscope would have no inertia.

Einstein was intrigued by this concept, and named it “Mach’s principle.”

Woodward Effect (Wikipedia):

Unconventional Rocket Drives – the Mach Effect:

RF Resonant Thruster & Q Thruster (EmDrive)

‘Impossible’ EM drive doesn’t seem to work after all
Read more:

A Mythical Form of Space Propulsion Finally Gets a Real Test

The Biefeld Brown Effect

Originating from the early 1920’s, the so-called Biefeld-Brown effect claims the
generation of thrust in capacitor configurations exposed to high voltage. This thrust was
claimed to be not due to corona wind phenomena and also exists in vacuum. These claims,
although only published in patents, survived until recent publications for very advanced
propulsion concepts. This paper reviews Brown’s and similar work, as well as credible
theoretical and experimental studies relating to the Biefeld-Brown effect. Moreover, an
experiment was carried out to investigate any thrust not related to corona discharges. No
thrust was detected within the accuracy of the experimental set-up. This puts new boundaries
on any anomalous Biefeld-Brown force. Measurements indicate, that such anomalous force
must be at least five orders of magnitude below corona wind phenomena and have at least a
two orders of magnitude higher power-to-thrust ration compared to traditional electric
propulsion thrusters. Hence, even if the effect exists, it would be not attractive for space
propulsion. The obtained results suggest that corona wind effects were misinterpreted as a
connection between gravity and electromagnetism.

This research study conducted by Dr. Martin Tajmar of the European Space Agency is considered the comprehensive end-all for further discussion of the Biefeld-Brown Effect…

The Biefeld Brown Effect: Misinterpretation of Coronal Wind Phenomena:

…or is it?

This will bring us to the Experiments Page and a revisiting of some of these older ideas and experiments, with new insights.

So far our laboratory experiments into the Biefeld-Brown effect and super-capacitors have yielded results consistent with the ESA (European Space Agency) Study.